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Eyes wide shut. What a hot, hot massage. Booked again already COLIN K (HALE) 30TH JUNE 2022

Having originally been seeking a tantric massage from Katrina, due to availability I eventually opted for a similar massage from Jon and I absolutely adored it. Being the wrong side of 50, and with the usual woman's problems which come at that age, I had begun to feel on the shelf, unattractive, embarrassed by my naked body. Of course others see you as totally different to that which you see and feel yourself but to the individual, me, this was how I felt. Jon was great at rebuilding my confidence, and made me feel relaxed, happy and to feel good about myself. He made me feel sexy again, attractive, wanted, and oh how I needed to feel all of these things. For the first time in a very long time I found pleasure, and oh what pleasure. Now, I no longer feel 'on the shelf'. I have discovered a new me, one that was hidden away for so long but is now enjoying life so very much. Oh, and I have tantric massage from Jon each month...lol ANGELA HORNE (EXETER) 27TH JUNE 2022

Such a fantastic experience. I can't really add anything others have written on here as they have covered everything. This just a very, very amazing massage. Katrina has the most fabulous touch which is irresistable DEREK JAMES (SHEPTON MALLETT) 18TH JUNE 2022

My dear Katrina! A quick note to wish you a wonderful holiday and I look forward to my booking with you on 1st July. Best wishes COLIN DEANE (PLYMOUTH) 30TH MAY 2022

Sensual, erotic, beautiful, mystical and so much more. The only way to fully understand just how wonderful this amazing massage is? Book one and see for yourself. I have had massage from both Katrina and Jon and both are just unbelievable DAVID COTTRILL (EXETER) 28TH MAY 2022

So pleased that I decided to finally book a tantric massage with you Jon. As you know it was something I had been thinking of for a long time and my only regret is that it took me so long to make the booking. Now I must make up for lost time so you will be seeing a lot of me in the next few months STEVE COCHRAN (BATH) 23RD MAY 2022

Yet another great experience with Katrina. Thank you my lovely for such a special and sensual massage. Much love KEN BRYANT (TIVERTON) 19TH MAY 2022

Thanks Jon for another fantastic session. Thanks so much JAMES LEE (NEWTON ABBOT) 16TH MAY 2022

Wow! Amazing and very beautiful massage. Why didn't I book a session with Katrina years ago????? RAY WILSON (DEVON) 12TH MAY 2022

I have to admit to being slightly hesitant before my booking but as Katrina said, there was nothing to be concerned about and I gave myself fully into her very capable hands, fingers and everything else in between! What a pleasurable session to enjoy after a long week's work. Katrina is a beautiful woman and exudes sheer sensuality, as others have said before. I will certainly be returning and soon STEPHEN FARMER (EXETER) 29TH APRIL 2022

A fantastic experience. So very sensual and an absolutely wonderful massage. I wish I had booked for longer PETER FORD (PLYMOUTH) 16TH APRIL 2022

Another great Gold Plus experience. I am so addicted to your superb and extremely sensual touch Katrina. Don't know how you do it but each time I come it just gets even more pleasurable PHILIP GARDNER (PLYMOUTH) 9TH APRIL 2022

Thank you once again for a truly exhilarating experience Katrina. My third time visiting you and each time the massage has been fantastic and left me feeling like a new woman. What more can I say except see you on the 23rd again SALLY ANN HERBERT (DEVON) 6TH APRIL 2022

What a wonderful experience with Katrina and her Gold Tantric massage. Never having had this sort of massage I was quite nervous but she put me at ease incredibly quickly and I have to say I totally enjoyed myself under her sensual and so very lovely touch. Will certainly be returning and soon ABIGAIL HORTON (EXETER) 3RD APRIL 2022

I want to say just how good the session was Jon. Surprised myself by booking originally but absolutely no regrets as I have felt tingling ever since. You certainly know exactly how to hit the right spots! JS (TORQUAY) 28TH MARCH 2022

Thank you so very much for a fantastic and really enjoyable Gold Plus massage Katrina. I am so glad that I took the decision at long last to go for a massage with you. My only regret is that I didn't come a few years ago. However, I will make up for lost time now DAVID ELLIS (EXETER) 21ST MARCH 2022

This was my second tantric sensual massage with Katrina and I can only say that I was every bit as overwhelmed as I was with the first massage. Katrina has the most wonderful touch and I simply can't wait for my next appointment STEVE HOWSON (TAUNTON) 15TH MARCH 2022

An exhilarating experience. Will certainly be back again, and soon! TERRY GRANT (EXETER) 8TH MARCH 2022

Lovely sensual touch with the Gold Plus massage Katrina. You excelled even your own amazing standards today. Never cease to amaze me with how each session seems to be better than the previous though all have always been so really exciting and sensual JAMES HOLLAND (SALTASH) 1ST MARCH 2020 

A huge thank you for the brilliant couples massage Sue and I had yesterday with Jon. Having not been since just before Covid we were so looking forward to our session and we certainly were not disappointed. We loved the fact that Jon remembered what we liked and what we adored from our sessions with him back in 2019 and it was as if we had never been away. Sue was extremely turned on in the massage, even more than she had been before and it was so exciting watching one's wife being taken to her limits. Roll on next month SUE & MATTHEW BROOKS (SOMERSET) 25TH FEBRUARY 2020 

Thanks once again Katrina. See you again soon JERRY WARD (TEIGNMOUTH) 18TH FEBRUARY 2022

From the first meeting with Katrina I had this sense of being with someone who would give me the most incredible experience. How right I was. Katrina personifies everything that one would wish for in a masseuse such as beauty, confidence, amazing skills and someone exuding the most incredible levels of sensuality. To say I enjoyed that first massage is an understatement. That was several years ago now and since then I have visited her studios at least twenty times, each time enjoying her vast array of different massages. Yes, the very best there is and right on my doorstep! MARTIN WOOD (IVYBRIDGE) 16TH FEBRUARY 2022

Top massage from a top masseur. Nothing else needs to be said. Quite clearly at the top of his trade STEPHEN EDWARDS (EXETER) 8TH FEBRUARY 2022

As usual, a beautiful and extremely satisfying massage from Jon. He really is the consumate professional but with a fantastic air of sensuality. I simply adore his massages JENNY DAVIES (TAUNTON) 4TH FEBRUARY 2022

Great massage. Went for the Platinum one and the experience was mind blowing and so erotic. Amazing couple of hours BOB JESSOP (DEVON) 29TH JANUARY 2022

Just enjoyed a superb Bondage massage with Katrina. I have previously had, and really liked, her Gold massage but this one is excellent indeed, combining the sensual massage with being restrained and blindfolded plus having Katrina use a series of toys on me during the massage. Of course I am coming back for more. A lot more TREVOR BROWN (EXETER) 26TH JANUARY 2022

Top massage from a top masseuse. Katrina is quite simply a wonderful therapist who is at the top of her profession JAMES SOBERS (HONITON) 23RD JANUARY 2022

Thank you so very much for a lovely tantric massage. I surprised myself by being so relaxed and comfortable as I am normally quite a nervous person. I would happily recommend a tantric massage for anyone who is stressed, not too confident about themselves and in need of attention and being made to feel special, Once again, thank you BEV GRANT (DARTMOUTH) 21ST JANUARY 2022 

Beautiful experience and I am so glad I decided to make the booking. The atmosphere was fantastic and Katrina put me at ease immediately after sensing my nervousness. Her touch can only be described as exquisite and I left feeling a totally new person, refreshed, relaxed and much more comfortable in my own skin. It is definately something that everyone should experience and in fact I have already booked another session H KIGHTLEY (PLYMOUTH) 14TH JANUARY 2022

After what seemes like an eternity, it was so nice to be able to get back to booking a tantric massage with my favourite therapist. And it felt like time had stood still with Katrina's wonderful touch and magical talents. Truly she is able to take me into another world where nothing else exists except her delightful studio and the atmosphere therein. Simply marvellous ALAN ARMSTRONG (TAUNTON) 8TH JANUARY 2022

What a wonderful start to the New Year with a great session with Jon. This year he has introduced some light bondage into some of his sessions and I decided to change from my regular session to try it out. Being restrained put a whole new bearing on the session and the combination of this, being lightly flogged and an oily delicious prostate massage plus some other goodies was simply amazing. I will certainly be back for more JAMES ALEXANDER (PLYMOUTH) 4TH JANUARY 2022 

Happy New Year Katrina from Keith. Can't wait for my January booking with you. I love the Gold Plus but felt I simply had to try the Eyes Wide Shut one with you on the 15th. See you soon x KEITH SCOTT (SOUTH HAMS) 28TH DECEMBER 2021

I am probably the most sensual woman strolling around Exeter today after experiencing the most amazing and ecstatic sensual massage from Jon last week. I had been toying with the idea for quite some time and after a particularly bad few days at the office I was ready to try it and made the decision to book. How glad I am that I did. I really feel that words cannot do this experience justice, but suffice to say I have never felt so comfortable, so relaxed, so sensual and so satisfied as what I felt during and after Jon's massage. And what an absolute gentleman he is too. I don't need a bad day at work to book again. In fact I already have! JANICE COWAN (EXETER) 26TH DECEMBER 2021

Still as fabulous as ever Katrina. See you in the new year. Much love JONATHAN WILSON (EXETER) 17TH DECEMBER 2021

Jon's extremely sensual tantric massage satisfied urges within me that I didn't even know I had. What more can I say other than it was truly brilliant STEVIE HALL (DORCHESTER) 17TH DECEMBER 2021

Total respect for a wonderfully gifted tantric masseuse. Katrina gave me the most amazing experience of my life. Just amazing CARL MALONE (OKEHAMPTON) 10TH DECEMBER 2021

Fantastic experience with Jon. I really enjoyed his new offering, some light bondage, which he incorporated into the session. Having had several massages from Jon before this was entirely different but extremely satisfying. I will definately be back asap after Christmas ALAN PESTELL (DEVON) 6TH DECEMBER 2021

Brilliant! Nothing else needs to be said ALAN DENNY (TORQUAY) 28TH NOVEMBER 2021

Tried the Eyes Wide Shut massage and was blown away literally by the sheer eroticism of it all. A totally new experience which I have never dreamed of before. I will certainly be back to give myself a Christmas present extraordinaire DAVE H. (TOTNES) 23RD NOVEMBER 2021

Top notch experience. Promised a hot sensual massage and Katrina certainly delivered. Just what the doctor ordered! ADRIAN WILLIAMS (EXETER) 18TH NOVEMBER 2021

Thank you so much for a beautiful and sensual massage experience Katrina. This was without doubt the best massage I have had in many years of tantric experience and I am so pleased I booked. Why are you not closer to me? I would be seeing you every month at least!! Until my next trip to the West Country, then JEFF BROOKS (MALVERN) 12TH NOVEMBER 2021

Wow! Sensational experience. Eyes wide shut massage with both Jon and Katrina in Devon. Top massage. Thanks guys ROBERT SANDIFORD (YEOVIL) 7TH NOVEMBER 2021

Long overdue I know but here is my brief view of my massage from August. I had tried to book in earlier in the year but Covid restrictions prevented that and then finally I was able to get a slot and it was well worth the wait. I have a friend who had booked in with Jon a while ago and she was ecstatic about her experience, raving about it in fact. Nothing against males but I wanted to be massaged by a female and so scheduled an appointment with Katrina. A two hour Gold Tantric Plus. Simply amazing! I cannot justify how good this was with mere words so I can only say to go ahead and see for yourself guys! LANCE WHITTAKER (TAUNTON) 28TH OCTOBER 2021

I absolutely loved my tantric massage with Jon and Katrina. Never experienced a fourhanded massage before but this was amazing. Sensations and feelings that were totally new to me. Thanks guys! JONATHAN HARDING (RUGBY) 28TH OCTOBER 2021

Super massage Katrina. Exactly what I needed. See you again soon. ALAN H (DEVON) 25TH OCTOBER 2021

Enjoyed a great experience with Jon again. Watching Alison being given such a hot tantric massage by another man in front of your eyes is an extremely arousing experience, one which I can recommend to any couples wishing to spice up their relationship without the inherent problems that exist in looking for other couples. This is our third trip to Torbay to see Jon and it certainly will not be the last! TERRY & ALISON WARD (DORCHESTER) 18TH OCTOBER 2021

Quality experience throughout. Safe, secure and so rewarding both emotionally and physically JO HART (SOUTH HAMS) 11TH OCTOBER 2021

Top massage Jon. Didn't really know what to expect but I have to say the whole experience was amazing and so very enjoyable. I hope to book again same time next month if possible so will call you Monday KEVIN SISSONS (DARTMOUTH) 3RD OCTOBER 2021

Once again I left your studios feeling like I was on Cloud 9 still! Your magical touch is simply remarkable and I miss it yet again, meaning I will have to book another session in a week or two. Kisses ROBIN STEEL (TORQUAY) 27TH SEPTEMBER 2021

Absolutely fantastic massage Katrina. After being a little nervous beforehand I am so glad I booked as I feel I have now begun a journey of sensual enlightenment that I could only have dreamed of before. Many thanks and see you soon KEITH HANSEN (EXETER) 20TH SEPTEMBER 2021

Gold tantric massage with Katrina. Just unbeatable. What a wonderful experience KEN MORRIS (CORNWALL) 15TH SEPTEMBER 2021

Really good massage. Jon was very sensual and I felt relaxed being naked with him and totally enjoyed the massage. The warm oil was wonderful. I will certainly be back HELEN W (DORCHESTER) 11TH SEPTEMBER 2021

Not sure how to describe this massage adequately. Hot. Sensual. Relaxing. Exciting. Stimulating. Mind blowing. Exhilarating. Seductive. Beautiful. That should just about cover it all. Thank you Katrina ALAN CRAWFORD (DEVON) 8TH SEPTEMBER 2021

Thanks Jon. Brilliant experience. Will be back for sure TERRY GRANT (EXETER) 20TH AUGUST 2021

Such a beautiful massage by a beautiful lady. Katrina clearly is an extremely sensual person as it shows in everything she does. I was looking forward for so long to my massage but never did I envisage that it would be so good as it was. Hot shower followed by the most relaxing, yet stimulating massage I have ever had. At the end of the time period we sat there talking and laughing as if we had known each other for years instead of hours. Everything and much, much more than I would have expected. Greatly recommended BOB HANCOCK (PLYMOUTH) 13TH AUGUST 2021

This was an amazing experience. I booked my husband and myself in for a couples tantric massage and Jon gave us each the most sensual and delicious massage. First he massaged me and trust me, it was extremely hot and sensual and had my husband so turned on! Then he massaged my husband while I watched and exactly the same happened, I was really turnd on by the sheer sensuality of the massage. Suffice to say we left the studio vowing to return asap as this was something we HAVE to have again! SUSAN & ROGER OAKLEY (DEVON) 8TH AUGUST 2021

Fantastic and very hot massage from a super guy. Jon certainly is an expert at giving lovely sensual massage and I can recommend him without any hesitation whatsoever TONY BAXTER (PLYMOUTH) 5TH AUGUST 2021

Having enjoyed tantric massage before I chose to book a two hour massage with Katrina and was certainly not disappointed, in fact if anything the exact opposite. The massage far exceeded my expectations and I enjoyed the whole experience, finding Katrina great company to chat with as well. All in all, a very sensual and loving massage with the added bonus of a lovely therapist who was happy to spend time with me chatting after the massage, unlike others I have been to over the years COLIN DEARDON (BRISTOL) 1ST AUGUST 2021

As good as it gets. A sensational experience Katrina. Oh how I look forward to seeing you again. xx DAVID ROBERTSON ( BODMIN) 27TH JULY 2021

Thanks for a really wonderful massage Jon. You just seem to get better and better and I really don't know how you do it. My ninth massage with you and the first was sensational yet each successive one has raised the bar even more. I look forward to next month to see what you have in store for me JENNIFER W (SEATON) 13TH JULY 2021

Brilliant massage! Has to be experienced as hard to describe just how good this is. Thanks Katrina STEPHEN HALL (DEVON) 2ND JULY 2021

I have previously enjoyed a tantric massage with Katrina on several occasions and decided this time to indulge in her 'different' massage, the Eyes Wide Shut one. This is an exhilarating experience, extremely erotic and Katrina is almost a different person with the different atmosphere and erotic masks etc. I would recommend this as the ultimate sensual experience and I will be booking again very soon TRISTAN (PLYMOUTH) 17TH JUNE 2021

After having to wait so long due to the pandemic, it was such a wonderful relief to finally have my tantric massage with Jon. I have to say it was out of this world and well worth the wait. Jon was very sensual in everything he did and took me to the most amazing levels of pleasure. I will be coming back, that is for sure BARBARA WATSON (ASHBURTON) 11TH JUNE 2021

Jon really surprised me with the level of sensuality he provided with his massage yesterday. I had several massages with him before the pandemic but he has certainly increased the body to body massage he offers and it is fabulous. I can't wait to come again DAVID HAYNES (BIDEFORD) 5TH JUNE 2021

A really hot and sensual massage and Katrina ticked all the boxes I had plus a lot more. Would certainly recommend COLIN HINTON (SOMERSET) 30TH MAY 2021

Thanks for your really excellent massage Jon. I really appreciated the added sensuality you created throughout and your covid measures made me feel safe and welcome. I am thinking of booking another session with you on the 9th July. Will be in touch later this week. Again many thanks STUART (SOUTH HAMS) 24TH MAY 2021

What a top, top sensual massage. This is what a real tantric massage should be about. I will be back! BARRY COLTON (PLYMOUTH) 20TH MAY 2021

Hi it's Jane and Tom from Cornwall. I just thought I would drop you a quick line to thank you so much for the couples massage we enjoyed so much last Saturday. It was more loving and uninhibited than we had dreamed of beforehand and as you know we both were so surprised that we were able to lose our inhibitions so easily. The atmosphere and ambience was fantastic and set the scene really well. Tom has not been able to stop talking about it since we returned home and, as you know, I experienced the most amazing sensations of my life! We will be in touch soon about booking a repeat visit in about another 3 weeks if you have the space. In the meantime lots of love from us both JANE & TOM CADDLE (ST AUSTELL) 18TH MAY 2021

It has been so long because of Covid since I have been able to enjoy Katrina's beautiful and sexual tantric massage. My booking last week was such a wonderful experience I felt as if it were my first one ever again. Sensational and wonderfully erotic, the best experience I have had in over a year. It is truly great to be back being spoilt and pampered by this amazing woman. Thank you so very much and see you in 3 weeks JAMES H (PLYMOUTH) 16TH MAY 2021

Jon that was so hot! That was the most erotic session we have had. I don't know how you manage it but every single session is different from the previous one and even more sensual and erotic. All I can say is I want more! PAUL ROBINSON (LOOE) 9TH MAY 2021

I wanted to thank you for the fabulous massage you gave me yesterday Katrina. I am feeling so sensual and alive still and feel so much more confident as a person. I put this down to the time we spent naked, talking about my problem areas before the massage began and then not even thinking anything further about my hang ups. Your ability to prolong my orgasm was amazing and I have to say I have never felt like that before. I really am excited about my next booking and can't wait until the 20th next month. Meantime, many thanks ROGER (DEVON) 7TH MAY 2021 

Sensational experience. Katrina you are amazing. I can't wait to get back on that mat and have you tease and pamper me again DAVE McCARTHY ( BRISTOL) 2ND MAY 2021

From the moment I made the booking with Katrina I couldn't wait for the massage. It was sensational. Very erotic and sensual. I was totally taken by it all. Then I asked about the Eyes Wide Shut massage with both Jon and Katrina. Katrina told me it was an extremely intense and erotic massage, different in every way to the Gold massage I had just enjoyed so much. So I booked that for last Tuesday. I will only say this was the most exciting, totally uninhibited experience of my entire life. Almost a week later I am still dreaming at nights how erotic this was and how fantastic I felt. Phew!!!!! ROBERT MARSHALL (STREET, SOMERSET) 1ST MAY 2021

Eyes Wide Shut. Watched the film. Booked the massage with Jon and Katrina. OMG. This was like being in the film itself. Such an amazing and highly charged erotic massage. I am absolutely and totally hooked on this massage with these two gorgeous creatures. Please don't just take my word for it. Talk to them. Make a booking. Change your life. I did and now I feel 100% better as a person, as a lover, as a part of erotic mastery. xxxxx PATRICK COLLINS (TAUNTON) 1ST MAY 2021

Just three words. Amazing. Sensational. Fantastic. I rest my case STEVE WHILES (IVYBRIDGE) 29TH APRIL 2021

Absolutely brilliant. Can't forget how good a massage that was Jon. Will be back soon ALAN GARNER (EXETER) 27TH APRIL 2021

Being a newcomer to Tantric I was understandably quite apprehensive but Katrina made me feel so comfortable that we ended up almost rolling about laughing at the end of the session. She is a delightful and very professional therapist and certainly knows her stuff. She weaves magic with those long delicate fingers and hands of hers and I regret bitterly not having made the decision to visit her several years ago instead of waiting until now. I booked the Gold massage and it was fabulous. I have rebooked again for 15th May and am so looking forward to it WAYNE COLLINS (PLYMOUTH) 24TH APRIL 2021

You certainly haven't lost anything Katrina during the break. Saturday was great and so erotic. Love the new decor as well. See you next month TOM (TIVERTON) 19TH APRIL 2021

Wow Katrina, that was so hot yesterday! What a lush experience. Looking forward even more now to my next massage ROBERT JONES (OAKHAMPTON) 18TH APRIL 2021

Jon it was great to have you back and running again. The studios look really fantastic and make the experience even better. I really enjoyed the session with you as usual and will email you later with another booking. Cheers ADRIAN HALL (NEWTON ABBOT) 16TH APRIL 2021

Hi Katrina just a quick one to let you know how much I enjoyed not only the great Gold massage but the feelings of sensuality in my body which lasted the next few days as well. Be back again for my appointment 9th May JUSTIN DAVIES (DEVON) 16TH APRIL 2021

Fantastic Katrina! I missed your wonderful hands and fingers so much during the National Lock down. It was so good to be back where I love being, flat on my back with you working every inch of my body. See you again soon. Kisses PETE (BATH) 12TH APRIL 2021

On behalf of both of us, Katrina and Jon, we would like to welcome our wonderful clients back from this Monday, 12th April 2021, to our redesigned and spectacular Tantric studios where you can enjoy having the tensions, frustrations and woes of the past 3 months gently, lovingly and seductively removed with your choice of our variety of tantric experiences. We look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Katrina, Katrina, Katrina. What an amazing massage! Thank you so much for allowing me to experience your fantastic tantric talent. I have never felt such warmth, such love, such sensations before. Simply the best Christmas present I could have given myself ROGER (DEVON) 28TH DECEMBER 2020 

Hi Jon, once again another great massage. Really hope to get back in next 3 weeks, fingers crossed. Appreciate all the safety measures which did not detract from the pleasure at all. Best wishes for the season ADAM SANDY (PLYMOUTH) 23RD DECEMBER 2020

We would just like to express our thanks to Katrina for a sensational couples massage. Sensual, loving, warm, stimulating and incredibly satisfying. Surely the most beautiful tantric massage ever? We will be back asap after New Year. Just irresistable! KAREN & ANDREW WARD (DEVON) 22ND DECEMBER 2020

I anticipated a hot and sensual massage being touched and stroked in all the right places annd Jon certainly did not disappoint. I was taken to heaven and back many times during my 2 hours and would loved to have extended it by another hour or so but Jon was booked out for the day so it will have to be another month before I can revisit. I could recommend Jon to anyone wanting a superb and sensual experience but I won't because I want him all for myself! Lol! SUE (BOVEY TRACEY) 18TH DECEMBER 2020

I booked the Eyes Wide Shut massage with Katrina for my fifth visit and hve to admit that somehow she has increased the level of sensuality and arousal even more than her other massages, which are unbelievably sensual anyway! This massage definately is the tops and I cannot wait for my next booking which, sadly, is not until the end of January. The lovely Katrina oozes sensuality from every pore. Mmmmm! ALEX CONNORS (ASHBURTON) 15TH DECEMBER 2020

Well if ever there was the perfect way to destress after lockdown it was by having a tantric massage with Katrina. I opted for the Gold Deluxe and it was absolutely beautiful. Perfect in fact. Katrina's smooth touch and great relaxing personality made the whole experience totally amazing. Will I be back? You better believe it. And soon! BARRY GARDNER (DEVON) 12TH DECEMBER 2020 

Hi Katrina, apologies for not being to see you for a few months but when I was ready to book we then had the lockdown. However, I would be looking to book early in the New Year. Miss your touch ANDY NEVIN (NEWTON ABBOT) 10TH DECEMBER 2020

As usual, a top quality and extremely sensual massage Katrina. Looking forward to 22nd and the Gold Plus. Kisses PAUL ADDISON (SOUTH HAMS) 6TH DECEMBER 2020

Thanks Jon for today's massage. From when I first arrived you made me welcome and relaxed and this helped remove any nerves I had. Being naked with another man was a first for me but your massage was amazing and I so enjoyed the whole experience. I will certainly be back for another session before Christmas ALAN GIBB (PLYMOUTH) 3RD DECEMBER 2020

Hi guys. Looking forward to some more highly enjoyable and sensual massages with you both after lockdown. Keep safe and hopefully see you in the next couple of weeks. Eyes wide shut top of thee list again! TERRY HOWARD (PAIGNTON) 23RD NOVEMBER 2020

Hi Katrina, just wanted to say thanks for some fabulous massages this year and I hope many more next year. If everything is ok then I want to try and get one in before the end of December subject to lockdowns etc. Miss the 2 hours Gold one so very much CLEMENT ASHBY (ST IVES) 14TH NOVEMBER 2020

I have had massages before from Katrina and Jon and decided to book an Eyes Wide Shut massage from Jon. This was an unbelievable experience, dark, mystical, highly erotic and just mind blowing. Seeing Jon naked except for a very erotic mask and a cloak was amazingly sensual and as the massage progressed the level of intensity reached a height I would not have thought possible. Just fantastic in every way possible, but leave your inhibitions at the door! COLIN KEIGHTLEY (TORQUAY) 6TH NOVEMBER 2020

Top massage from Katrina. Magical touch and a wonderful and hot lady! BILL HOLDEN (EXETER) 2ND NOVEMBER 2020

After looking at the site for perhaps six months I decided to take the plunge and book a massage with Katrina called the eyes wide shut massage. I simply cannot describe how wonderful this was. It was simultaneously erotic, sensual, scary, dark and mystical all rolled into one. An unbelievable experience and one which I have to repeat as soon as possible as this is addictive ALAN HOWARD (BARNSTAPLE) 28TH OCTOBER 2020

Thank you Jon for a super tantric sensual massage. I absolutely loved it and feel so much more confident again DIANE FOALE (TAUNTON) 24TH OCTOBER 2020

Great tantric massage from Katrina. Sensual to the extreme! WOW! STEVE GREENWOOD (PLYMOUTH) 24TH OCTOBER 2020

Enjoyed a lovely couples massage from Katrina and Jon last Thursday. Diane really loved the sensual touch which Jon was adept at and said she felt years younger after her experience. I was treated to the wonderful Katrina's tantric massage and I have to confess it was absolutely sensational! ROBERT & DIANE HOWARD (POOLE) 19TH OCTOBER 2020

Thanks Jon and Katrina. Stunning Eyes wide Shut massage. Never experienced anything like it before but I will be back! JACK THOMPSON (EXETER) 14TH OCTOBER 2020

I enjoyed a 2 hour Gold Tantric massage from Katrina on Monday morning last week and can only offer high praise for the experience. The massage itself was beautiful and very sensual, the oil used was warm and felt wonderful on my skin and the ambience of the studios was lovely. I immediately felt relaxed and Katrina combined sensuality, touch and a fabulous sense of humour which made the massage the gem it was. So very good, Katrina, I thank you WAYNE GREAVES (KINGSWEAR) 12TH OCTOBER 2020

Eyes Wide Shut with Katrina. Fabulous experience. Took me completely over the edge. Roll on next month again DANNY H (NEWTON ABBOT) 1ST OCTOBER 2020

Once again, another fantastic massage Jon. You really do know how to work the body in such a special way. I look forward to my next session with you xx SOPHIE ANDREWS (EXETER) 26TH SEPTEMBER 2020

Absolutely brilliant! Just wow! DON HOWARD (PLYMOUTH) 22ND SEPTEMBER 2020

Having first thought about having a tantric massage earlier in the year I eventually decided to take the plunge and book a Gold massage with Jon for the last Friday in August and I am so glad I did. I have always had issues with my body yet Jon made me feel like a Goddess, with his never ending compliments and his oh-so-delicate soft touches over my entire body. I have never before felt so liberated and free from constraints as I did both during the tantric massage and since then. I have already booked my next session for early October and cannot wait. This really is something that every woman should experience and enjoy SUZANNE HARDING (EXETER) 20TH SEPTEMBER 2020

Top massage from Katrina. Eyes wide shut is simply amazing. So glad I chose this option DAVID S. (TAUNTON) 11TH SEPTEMBER 2020

Fantastic massage. Two hours Gold Tantric. I expected 7/10 but got 10/10. This massage is the tops. Katrina you are amazing xx JACOB H (BIDEFORD) 7TH SEPTEMBER 2020

John you are the one! Great massage buddy. I enjoyed mine and Donna loved hers to the moon and back. Not sure when we will be back down the area, but it will certainly be before Christmas. We will book in for another couples tantric then. All the best TONY & DONNA (BUCKS) 5TH SEPTEMBER 2020

Thanks for your usual wonderful tantric massage K. You certainly haven't lost your touch and it is amazing to feel your fingers work their magic. Blessings and see you very soon Katrina ADRIAN CHARLES (TORQUAY) 31ST AUGUST 2020

Jon is simply the most sensual and erotic masseur there is. After so long away due to COVID it was mind blowing to be back and being pampered by Jon once again. Thank you so much my wonderful man ANGELA H (DEVON) 29TH AUGUST 2020

Top quality and very sensual experience. Probably better than I had even imagined it would be. I shall be back STEVE HACKETT( EXETER) 24TH AUGUST 2020

What can I say? Simply the most sensual tantric massage that I have had the pleasure of receiving. I will most certainly be back again soon. I am still feeling those sensations! JACK HOLLOWAY (BRIDPORT) 16TH AUGUST 2020

Have to send this feedback for an absolutely fantastic Gold massage from Katrina last week. Having waited for so long due to the lockdown it was wonderful to return for another, my third, tantric massage and how I have missed this! Beautiful atmosphere and a sensational masseuse. How one can produce a more sensual massage is beyond me. Thank you so much Katrina ALI STEWART (DEVON) 12TH AUGUST 2020

Great massage again Katrina. Really good to be back in your hands again ROBERT HART (EXETER) 7TH AUGUST 2020

My wonderful Jon! Such an amazing experience after so many weeks without your touch. I so enjoyed your exquisite hands teasing and caressing every tiny piece of my flesh and simply cannot wait until my next appointment with you. Many, many thanks xxxxxx JACKIE MASON (NORTH DEVON) 4TH AUGUST 2020 

Thank you so very, very much for fitting me into your schedule. I appreciate that you have to be careful in today's world and I found your attention to safety with coronavirus extremely comforting. As usual, before this pandemic, the massage was amazing and made me realise what I had been missing. Hope to book again in a few weeks time COLIN (CORNWALL) 31ST JULY 2020

So good to be back having my sensual massage Katrina. Very impressed with your safety procedures and they don't detract from the massage either. Looking forward to next month. Blessings NIGEL HOWARD (EXETER) 28TH JULY 2020

Great news that Katrina and Jon will be officially opening from next Monday. I have missed my monthly massage from Katrina and I know Susan has missed Jon's sessions as much. Looking forward to seeing you guys really soon BARRY & SUSAN WALKER (EXETER) 9TH JULY 2020

From the initial welcome to the end of the wonderful massage, this was one of, if not THE most sensual experiences of my life. Katrina is a fantastic masseuse and I cannot wait to return for another session with her GARY WALKER (EXETER) 3RD JUNE 2020

Jon gives the most wonderful and sensual massage from his beautiful studios. I was fortunate enough to be able to squeeze in 2 sensual massages in March before everywhere closed. The only downside to this is that it has left me longing for more and I am struggling having to wait for the return to normal again. Roll on June/July DAVID HILL (TAUNTON) 24TH MAY 2020


Hi Katrina, I hope you are well and keeping safe. I am so looking forward to my next massage with you, having missed my April one due to the virus. I would like to see if you will be able to fit me in when you reopen, which I believe is early June? Let me know and I will sort out dates as per usual. Blessings NIGEL HOWARD (EXETER) 19TH MAY 2020

Dear Katrina, we hope you are well and having a well earned rest during this time of strife with the pandemic. Not sure if you remember us, we are Jane and Alan from Stroud and we came down to the Bay area for the weekend back in early February when we had a wonderful massage with you and Jon. We would very much like to have a similar session, where you massage me and Jon massages Jane, as soon as the pandemic is over. Could you please email us as soon as you are back working again? Many thanks ALAN & JANE HILL (STROUD) 8TH MAY 2020

Hello guys. Plenty of time on my hands for now so thought I would just thank you for my magical massage with you both last month. You did forewarn me but the Eyes Wide Shut massage was extraordinary and so very, very erotic bordering on dark fantasies. I totally enjoyed the whole experience and would love to book another as soon as the lock down ends. I will keep in touch. xxxx JAMES HILL (ST AUSTELL) 25TH APRIL 2020

Good morning Jon, it is Michael Evans here. Can you tell me if you have any space in the last week of May for a 2 hours deluxe massage. Many thanks MICHAEL EVANS (DEVON) 20TH APRIL 2020

Hi Katrina, hope you are well and keeping safe. I know difficult question but as soon as you will be starting back can you email me so I can book again please? Really missing your touch. Best wishes ROBIN SMALL (DARTMOUTH) 16TH APRIL 2020

Can't wait for Devon Massage for Men to reopen again as I really do miss my tantric massage from Jon. I can only hope that it is not to long now FRANK MURRAY (SW ENGLAND) 7TH APRIL 2020

Seems like a good time to write my review of the Eyes Wide Shut experience I had at Devon Massage for Men recently. Totally different in every way to any other massge I have had, with a combination of atmospheric effects, haunting music and very seductive touch. This whole experience seemed to touch deep into the depths of my imagination, almost into a dark world so to speak and was filled with expectancy and eroticism which I simply could never have imagined. Difficult to sum up adequately as the word ''amazing'' just doesn't do this justice. Incredible, dark, seductive? None of these describe the experience properly. It just HAS to be experienced for yourself THOMAS CHARLES (EXETER) 2ND APRIL 2020

This is one hell of a hot massage. Highly recommended. Had Gold Plus 13th March 2020 JACK S. (TORQUAY) 29TH MARCH 2020

Sensual and hot beyond belief LESLIE MURRAY (DORSET) 28TH MARCH 2020

Amazing and sensational experience. Never before have I had such a sensual massage as that which I had from Katrina last Thursday. Being able to massage her as well was the icing on the cake. Shared shower before and after was like the starter for the main meal and the main dish itself has to be experienced to believe it. I will certainly be back asap JEFF WILSON (ASHBURTON) 25TH MARCH 2020

Sublime and very sensual experience Jon. Your touch is absolutely heavenly and I long for a repeat session asap!!!!!!!! ALISON M (SOUTH DEVON) 21ST MARCH 2020

Sorry it has taken a while to send but I have finally gotten round to it! Wonderful massage Katrina. I totally enjoyed every single aspect of the session and cannot wait to book again. I am thinking of Easter week if you can fit me in about the same time. Look forward to seeing you again MARK WARD (EXETER) 20TH MARCH 2020

Thank you so very much for being able to fit me in at such short notice. I was very impressed by the measures you have put in place with the virus problems at the moment, and I was left amazed by the sheer sensuality of the Gold massage. A great experience and one which I hope to repeat in the not too distant future. Much respect and good wishes HARRY B (EXETER) 18TH MARCH 2020

I had the great pleasure of a Gold Tantra massage from Katrina two days ago which was amazing. So sensual and erotic yet wonderfully relaxing and beautiful. The combination of everything Katrina does and her incredible touch is simply out of this world. I felt totally relaxed yet greatly stimulated from the moment we stepped into the shower before the massage began. Gorgeous! MARK DOUGLAS (DEVON) 14TH MARCH 2020

Thank you for a really excellent experience Jon. I have had two tantric massages prior to yours in London but this was by far the best both in terms of professionalism and knowledge you clearly have on the subject, and the great atmosphere you have created in your facility. I will most definately be back for another massage from you probably just after Easter. Again, many thanks BOB CHARLES (NEWTON ABBOT) 10TH MARCH 2020

I have just experienced the most incredible experience by having an Eyes Wide Shut massage from Katrina. Never before have I had anything like this. Just mind blowing and totally, totally different than anything I have ever had before. Hauntingly erotic and scarily sensual in every way possible, this is one almighty different experience and one which I WILL HAVE TO REPEAT!!!!! WOW!!!!!!! NEIL HARVEY (TAUNTON) 5TH MARCH 2020

Devon Tantric Massage visit 2nd March 2020. Initial contact by email followed by phone call to make the actual booking. Quite easy process and booked a 2 hour Gold massage. Arrived early but Katrina was able to accomodate me ok. Oldish building but beautiful inside. Well furnished reception, clean and lovely scented candles. Had a shower with great choice of shower gels, creams etc. Massage was extremely sensual and very very nice I must admit, exceeding my expectations. Katrina was very professional but also lovely and sensual and we both enjoyed the tantric experience. Afterwards another shower, great selection of body sprays and creams plus deodorants for my use, and another unexpected surprise of refreshments, juices etc again for my own personal use. All in all a thoroughly rewarding experience, and I really enjoyed the pampering and accessories offered at Devon Tantric. I will definately be back DEREK GOLDING ( PLYMOUTH) 3RD MARCH 2020

Two things Katrina. First I adored my massage yesterday with you, as I have adored all my previous massages from you in the past few years. Secondly, I just love the way you have refurbished the studios. Very, very classy. See you soon baby ALAN SHELTON (PLYMOUTH) 27TH FEBRUARY 2020

From the moment I walked into Devon Tantric Massage and was greeted by Katrina I knew I was in the company of someone special. The massage was amazing. She was amazing. I felt amazing. Thank you so very much xxxDENNIS H. (TORQUAY) 23RD FEBRUARY 2020

I have been to Devon Massage for Men numerous times in the past five years and highly recommend Katrina and Jon. Both of these wonderful people give the most amazing massages and have the ability to increase the level of sensuality each and every visit I make. They always take me to heights of pleasure I had not experienced before visiting them and their knowledge is second to none about how to give the perfect sensual experience. I look upon my monthly visit to Devon Massage for Men as the highlight of my month and have never been disappointed SHAY HAWKINS (TIVERTON) 21ST FEBRUARY 2020

Thanks once again Jon for a simply wonderful tantric massage yesterday. I adored the sensuality of it and it felt amazing to just let myself go in response to your lovely touch. I would love to have another massage with you before Easter so will be in touch soon x TERESA C (EXETER) 17TH FEBRUARY 2020

I have to recommend Katrina highly. Her massage was superb. Sensual, erotic and totally beautiful. Due to the poor weather I was almost an hour late arriving but she smiled and we carried on with the scheduled 2 hour session, despite this leaving her with very little time between mine and the next client's massage. Great customer service and an exemplary massage. I will certainly be returning again JEFF BULL (DEVON) 14TH FEBRUARY 2020

After reading the comments about this new Eyes Wide Shut erotic massage I just had to book one, having had several massages previously from both Katrina and Jon. Oh yes, it is certainly different and extremely erotic. The whole thing felt just somehow scary and thrilling, sexual and orgasmic, and most definately like I was entering into something forbidden, something dark, something from the depths of my mind. It is definately like nothing I had experienced before. And the thing that has really got to me? I want more! Yes, even though it is haunting, almost scary, and deeply erotic, I want more! MARTIN CHAPMAN (TOTNES) 11TH FEBRUARY 2020

Having a massage at Devon Tantric with Jon is one of life's beautiful experiences. He is undoubtedly highly skilled but his ability to relax both my mind and body with such tender touches and soft words was truly exceptional. I admit to being slightly nervous prior to my appointment but that swiftly disappeared having met Jon. I can only say a huge thank you for a wonderful experience MARK EVANS (PLYMOUTH) 8TH FEBRUARY 2020

How can I give an accurate description of my Eyes Wide Shut massage yesterday with Katrina and Jon? I wouldn't even know where to start. This is just so erotic, so erotic, so erotic! The two of them seemed to work as one person, hauntingly moving about me, naked apart from the masks they wore, and I just lost all control over what was happening to my mind, my body, my imagination. I have had 4 handed massages before but THIS was something totally different. This really is the ultimate in erotic massage. I can't describe it as it is still like a dream in my head right now, some 30 hours after the massage STEPHEN PARKER (DEVON) 7TH FEBRUARY 2020

Katrina is very very good BRENDAN COLLINS (EXETER) 2ND FEBRUARY 2020

What an incredible experience. Can't wait to go back next month and do it all again as this is S-T-U-N-N-I-N-G ! Sexual and erotic beyond belief JACK SUMMERS (SOUTH HAMS) 27TH JANUARY 2020

Just sitting here at home replaying in my mind the massage I have just had at Devon Tantric. Eyes Wide Shut it is called. Impossible to describe it here and do it justice. This is sensational. 6pm start. Hauntingly erotic and extremely uninhibited. Thanks guys for such a sensational experience BEN ASHMAN (PLYMOUTH) 19TH JANUARY 2020

From the moment I met Jon from Devon Tantric Massage for Men I felt relaxed and in the company of someone who was different. That initial feeling was born out in the tantric massage Jon gave me, taking me into areas of sensuality I had not previously experienced. Without doubt Jon is a skilled therapist, and his professionalism throughout was exemplary. I would have loved to have been able to stay for longer but sadly Jon had a full schedule so next time I will book for a longer session. I would recommend Jon very easily, especially to any nervous first time clients like myself DAN HARDING (BUDE) 19TH JANUARY 2020

OMG! How can I ever describe what has just happened to me? I booked the new Eyes Wide Shut session with both Katrina and Jon, the four handed one. I was expecting a similar massage to what I had before except this time with Jon as well. But it was absolutely nothing like it at all. The room was different, darkened with some flaming torches on the walls. The background music was eerie, and the whole atmosphere was scary, chilling, sexual, erotic. Both Katrina and Jon were wearing blood red cloaks, naked underneath but with these amazing masks on. I have never felt so aroused before in my entire life and it just seemed that I had stepped into another world, a world of lust, of dark sensual desire. The massage was totally different as well, bearing no resemblance to my previous tantric massages with Katrina. I am afraid I just cannot give an accurate picture of this unbelievable session as I cannot really explain it to myself even. I can only say it is without doubt the most sexually erotic massage I have ever had. It is different, very different. And after this I know I can never go back to a normal tantric massage again MICHAEL CLARK (SALISBURY) 16TH JANUARY 2020

Visiting Torbay over the Christmas period gave me the opportunity to book a tantric massage with Devon Massage for Men, whom I had seen online. After a very easy explanatory chat with Katrina, I opted for a 2 hour Gold Plus massage and arrived a little early on the Friday. After a wonderful sensual shower together Katrina gave me an absolutely amazing naked massage, which was so hot, I enjoyed uncontrollable orgasmic sensations over and over. Definately will return JAMES BUTCHER (RUGBY) 10TH JANUARY 2020

Fourhanded massage from Katrina and Jon yesterday. Erotic. Sensual. Sexual. Orgasmic. No words can adequately describe it JEFF HALL (PLYMOUTH) 8TH JANUARY 2020

I experienced a Gold Plus tantric sensual massage with Katrina on Christmas Eve and even now, 4 days later, I am still getting turned on thinking about her wonderful oiled fingers all over my body, washing every part of me with warm water in the shower, teasing and stroking my entire body until I could not hold back any longer. This woman is just incredible. INCREDIBLE! ROGER (TORQUAY) 5TH JANUARY 2020

Well, hot massage, hot guy, and incredibly hot experience. Far, far better than I would have expected. Cheers Jon MIKE EVANS (ASHBURTON) 2ND JANUARY 2020

How on earth can I write a description of this massage that would do it justice? It has to be experienced as no amount of words can describe how sensual, how loving, how downright erotic and how incredibly sexual Katrina's Gold massages are. The one with mutual massage and toys is mindblowing. Never had anything remotely as hot as this. Will CERTAINLY be back again more than ever this next year ROBERT BROWN (EXETER) 27TH DECEMBER 2019

Got to agree there Dan. I have had the 4 handed massage with Katrina/Jon and it is true, Katrina just goes for it in a very big sexual way. Definately the best there is in this neck of the woods STEVE D (TORQUAY) 20TH DECEMBER 2019

Forget the rest. Go for the 4 handed massage with Katrina and Jon. This is HOT! Katrina gets really sexy in this massage, and it is full of surprises...... DAN HOLLIS (EXETER) 17TH DECEMBER 2019

What a gorgeous massage Katrina offers. I have now had her Gold, Platinum and Nuru massage and each is amazing. Sensuality and sexuality like this is so rare nowadays. Never ever change please Katrina TONY BRYAN (SOUTH HAMS) 7TH DECEMBER 2019 

Submitting feedback from my recent Gold Tantric massage, 2 hours, from Katrina at Devon Tantric. First, easy communication beforehand and simple direction instructions given. On the phone Katrina was not pushy at all and gave me a wide choice of massage options to choose from instead of suggesting the most expensive one, which I have experienced with other masseuses over the years. Second, after a warm greeting and a brief chat, I enjoyed a shared shower with Katrina which in itself was extremely sensual. The massage was in a beautiful room with dimmed candles and plants etc which together combined to create a very warm and sensual atmosphere. Thirdly, Katrina massaged me with lovely warm oils, using her hands and body, gently easing the oil into every part of my body, and I do mean every part! It was such an unhurried and beautiful experience I longed for the time to stop still to prolong the massage but after a delightful and highly sensual 2 hours it was time to shower and leave, much as I wanted to stay for ever and ever! Conclusion: a most wonderful, sensual, sexual and loving experience which demands that I return again soon. Quality, value and sheer uninhibited sensuality ALAN JOHNSON (BATH) 1ST DECEMBER 2019

Hot and erotic Nuru massage. Doesn't get any better than this JOHN BARBER (ASHBURTON) 28TH NOVEMBER 2019

Thanks for that hot massage today Jon. I felt amazing afterwards, exactly as you said I would. I will be back to Torquay next month and will see you then. Best wishes TIM WATSON (RICHMOND) 26TH NOVEMBER 2019

If there is a more erotic and sensual massage to be had anywhere in Devon or Cornwall then I would be amazed. This is the hottest experience sexually I have had the pleasure of ever receiving. Totally uninhibited sensual joy COLIN BROWN (TORQUAY) 22ND NOVEMBER 2019

I can fully recommend Devon Massage for Men to anyone wishing to experience an extremely hot massage. I have enjoyed Katrina's Gold massage before and it was sensational and now I have just had a 4 handed tantric massage from Katrina and Jon and it was soooooo hot and erotic it must be experienced to appreciate just how sexual it is DAVID WALL (TORQUAY) 19TH NOVEMBER 2019

Hi Katrina! OMG I want another gold massage from you asap. I got home and felt so sensual and turned on, yet relaxed and confident as well. You were so right in your advice to me. Don't know how you do it but you have changed my whole outlook on sexuality and pleasure GEORGE LANGFORD (HONITON) 17TH NOVEMBER 2019

Top massage. Two hours Gold Platinum. Receprocal. Just brilliant with a fantastic and very hot lady Katrina MIKE HALL (TEIGNMOUTH) 15TH NOVEMBER 2019

Thanks for a really great massage Jon. You were right as I felt soooo good afterwards. You will certainly be seeing me again soon TERRY GIBSON (CORNWALL) 13TH NOVEMBER 2019

Great massage from Katrina yesterday. Very erotic. Very sensual. Extremely sexy from start to finish. Gold Plus. Shared showers etc as well. Recommended! MARK RANDALL (DEVON) 9TH NOVEMBER 2019

Brilliant massage Jon. Many thanks and see you again soon JAMES H (TORQUAY) 5TH NOVEMBER 2019

Katrina, just a quick note to say a massive ''Thank You'' for the amazing massage I had with you yesterday. Truly a great experience and I will be back before Christmas for sure. Best wishes GARY WILLIAMS (BRISTOL) 1ST NOVEMBER 2019

Jon, you are simply the very best. Many thanks for such a hot session again. See you next month CLIVE R (TOTNES) 25TH OCTOBER 2019

Having had several fantastic massages with first Jon and lately Katrina over the last 12 months I chose last week to go 'outside the box' and book a 2 hour Bondage session with Katrina. Well, what an experience! Katrina showed a totally different side to her than that which I have seen before, a mixture of sensuality, teasing, domination, sheer sexuality and an appetite for taking me to my limits in every way possible. To say I enjoyed this is an understatement. It was absolutely delicious and I have to admit I cannot wait for my next session. Is there no limit to this wonderful sexual creature's abilities? Highly recommended JAMES SMART (DEVON) 23RD OCTOBER 2019

A truly intense sensual experience with Katrina. I chose the Gold Platinum massage and was so glad I did. Showering beforehand with Katrina was in itself a fantastic experience and then, being able to massage her as well was the icing on the cake. I felt so alive, so sexual, so in touch with another naked body that I cannot ever recall feeling so hot and alive. If ever a man should experience a genuine sensual awakening, then this is it COLIN WILSON (NEWTON ABBOT) 16TH OCTOBER 2019

Katrina may I say how fantastic my Nuru massage was with you last week. Erotic and sensual are not adequate descriptions of the amazing experience you gave me ANDY  MARSHALL (PLYMOUTH) 12TH OCTOBER 2019

Hi Jon, just wanted to say a huge thank you after my deluxe tantric massage with you. You certainly know how to bring the level to a peak and sustain it for ages. Wonderful and very sexy experience. Will try and rebook early next month. CRAIG (TORQUAY) 9TH OCTOBER 2019

My wonderful friend Katrina. Thank you so much for the amazingly sensual naked massage I had from you last Tuesday. Every pore of my body was alive to your beautiful touch and your ability to prevent orgasm for so long was just amazing. Oh what pleasure! Be back very soon TONY CANTWELL (EXETER) 7TH OCTOBER 2019

To describe my recent tantric massage with you Katrina, in a nutshell, sublime, sensual, erotic and wonderful! MARK WHITE (DAWLISH) 2ND OCTOBER 2019

Hi Jon, here's hoping you are well and relaxed after the beautiful massage you gave me on Sunday. My entire body felt more sensual than it has felt in many a year and I only regret not coming to see you ages ago. Your sensual touch is quite simply amazing and I long to experience those sensations again, so I will be in touch to rebook before month end. Very best wishes LUCY (ASHBURTON) 2ND OCTOBER 2019

Katrina, Gold massage. Best ever!! SIMON (PLYMOUTH) 28TH SEPTEMBER 2019

Together with my husband, I enjoyed a truly wonderful couples massage with Jon last week. Jon made me feel so very sensual I struggled to control myself but Jon is clearly the consumate professional. Andy and I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Jon to any couple looking to add spice to their relationship in a safe and healthy environment KATHY AND ANDY MORRIS (DEVON) 25TH SEPTEMBER 2019

Just a quick note to thank you for a brilliant massage experience yesterday. As a tantric massage therapist, you are right up there with the very best. Namaste JAMES COLLINS (LONDON TANTRA CENTRE) 7TH SEPTEMBER 2019

Katrina 2 hour Gold Plus massage. Simply as good as it gets COLIN W (TOTNES) 3RD SEPTEMBER 2019

My seventh massage with Jon for the year and it just gets better and better. I don't know how he does it but Jon changes his technique each visit I make and the result is an amazing massage which is as sensual as it surely can get DAVID MARSHALL (DEVON) 30TH AUGUST 2019

Just WOW! Gold massage from Katrina. Amazing! ROBIN BEALE (TOTNES) 26TH AUGUST 2019

Superb and very sensual/erotic massage. Katrina really is the most wonderful and very sexy masseuse. Highly recommended GREGORY HART  (DARTMOUTH) 22ND AUGUST 2019

Great massage. Sensual in every way. Jon has a fabulous touch and is very, very erotic in his technique. No complaints at all but lots of praise!!!! ADAM H (TIVERTON) 17TH AUGUST 2019

Hi Jon. Hope you are well and not too overworked after last weekend. I absolutely ADORED my sensual massage with you and cannot thank my partner enough for booking me in as a special treat. Rest assured, I will certainly be rebooking very soon as this was sooo very special! LESLIE (EXETER) 14TH AUGUST 2019

Hot and very sensual massage from a hot and VERY sensual Katrina. It doesn't get any better than this KEITH WILSON (RUGBY/ON HOLIDAYS) 12TH AUGUST 2019

Not sure exactly how to describe my tantric massage yesterday from Katrina because words really cannot do justice to what was quite simply the most erotically charged experience of my life. Suffice to say if I had to give marks out of 100, this would easily be 100. Just unbelievable BOB JUSTICE (BRISTOL) 10TH AUGUST 2019

Katrina gave me the most relaxing yet sensual massage I have had the pleasure of experiencing before. I opted for the 2 hour Gold Plus massage and was certainly not disappointed by the beauty of it all. She has an amazing touch which elevated my libido to unknown heights and I could have stayed there forever! Fabulous experience thank yoKatrina ALAN PESTELL (DEVON) 8TH AUGUST 2019

Fabulous massage received last Monday from Jon. My first visit but certainly not my last. One and a half hour deluxe. Many thanks again MARTIN BROWN (EXETER) 2ND AUGUST 2019

Having the 4 handed massage from Katrina and Jon was the most erotic and sensual experience I have had. The combination of being naked and being touched so seductively by two lovely naked people plus having four hands touch and stroke every part, and I do mean every part, of my body was almost to much to bear. Such pleasure....wow! S. WHITE (NEWTON ABBOT) 30TH JULY 2019

Hi Katrina. Thought I would publicly give you a massive recommendation for your truly amazing and oh so erotic Nuru massage I had with you last Friday. Simply the hottest ever massage I have had in all my years. I look forward to seeing you again VERY SOON! TOM HILL (DEVON) 28TH JULY 2019

Thanks again Jon for another hot experience. What would I ever do without your touch? JEFF WILLIAMS (DEVON) 24TH JULY 2019

Top massage. Better than I expected, though I did expect a great massage! Katrina is without doubt a wonderful and very sensual masseuse. I will be back! SIMON H (TOTNES) 23RD JULY 2019

Having been to see you twice now for your sensual couples massage we can honestly say it has been one of the most sensual and erotic experiences of our lives. Jon, you have truly opened our eyes to sensual pleasures. We look forward to our next visit ANGELA & MIKE BABB (PLYMOUTH) 19TH JULY 2019

Katrina, you are thvery best. Muchos Gracias! BOB CARTER (DAWLISH) 18TH JULY 2019

Great massage thank you Jon. Better than I would have expected and also very sensual which was really nice ANDY (NEWTON ABBOT) 14TH JULY 2019

Another fabulous massage Katrina. I look forward to another hot session in two weeks time ROBERT HILL (TORQUAY) 12TH JULY 2019

As promised Jon, here is my comment on my recent massage with you. I found it extremely sensual being massaged by a naked stranger with my husband watching. What you did to my body had me on the edge of orgasm for what seemed ages and I felt I would explode but you always managed to keep me at that sustained height of passion like I have not experienced before. I found you to be such a lovely person, clearly highly experienced in your profession, but also very down to earth and calming, which helped me get over my initial nerves. I look forward very much to another session with you, probably next month, and so does my husband who himself felt so turned on by my experience with you. Thank you for being so wonderful JANE DYSON (DEVON) 11TH JULY 2019

I booked a 2 hour Gold massage with Katrina and can honestly say it was the best sensual massage I have had in many years. Ambience, massage facilities, atmosphere and the sensual experience itself were all far more than I anticipated. Top massage from a top lady KEN DAVIES (EXETER) 2ND JULY 2019

Four handed massage from Katrina and Jon. Magical experience STEVE JAMES (TAVISTOCK) 28TH JUNE 2019

This is one hot massage! DAVID MARSHALL (EXETER) 25TH JUNE 2019

Wow, what can I say after such a hot exprience? Katrina you know from the massage the effect you had on me and I still feel the effect even now. It was amazing and so very hot and sensual I just wish I had booked for longer. Thank you again and again TOM H (PLYMOUUTH) 23RD JUNE 2019

Thanks for a great sensual massage Jon. It was exactly what I needed after a stressful few weeks and I really enjoyed the sensuality we shared. I will certainly be returning in the near future JAMES HILL (TIVERTON) 20TH JUNE 2019

I booked a sensual massage with Katrina, the Gold deluxe one and upgraded to the Platinum one when I arrived. This was an unbelievable experience, as not only does this include the massage but we shared a shower both before and after the massage and I was able to massage Katrina as well plus she used a variety of toys on me to enhance the sensuality of it all. Just mindblowing!!!!!!!!!!!!! DAVID ARCHER (NEWTON ABBOT) 18TH JUNE 2019

Great massage thank you Katrina. Will be back soon A H (TAUNTON) 15TH JUNE 2019

I felt moved to write into this forum having enjoyed an extremely pleasurable massage from Jon recently. My husband decided he would treat me for my birthday and booked me in for my first ever sensual massage. Jon was the consumate professional,  but his touch was so wonderful it turned me into an entirely different woman to that which I am normally. I discovered desires and feelings which I didn't know existed and can credit Jon with opening my eyes and mind to these wonderful pleasures. Originally my husband intended this to be a one off but such has been the effect on me, of which he is the beneficiary lol, that he has booked me in again in a couple of weeks for a ''refresher'' as he puts it, and who am I to complain? SUSAN H (EXETER) 13TH JUNE 2019

I have been having sensual massage from Jon for a number of years now and they are simply fantastic. I can only say just how good Jon is at his work. The best! BRIAN BARNES (S. DEVON) 13TH JUNE 2019

Hot and sensual massage from Katrina. Just what the doctor ordered! I really enjoyed the body to body massage and shared showers. Thanks Katrina and see you again soon CHRIS (TORQUAY) 11TH JUNE 2019

Sensuality, seductive and breathtakingly touch sensitive. I can go on but there are no words that really adequately describe the sheer beauty of what Jon and Katrina offer. I have experienced both of their massage offerings as has my wife, and we agree it is impossible to separate them as they are both at the top of their profession ALAN PESTELL (CHELTENHAM) 9TH JUNE 2019

Jon gives a sublime sensual massage that really does touch throughout the body, sending delicious shivers of pleasure over and over again. I just adore this man and his tantric brilliance STEPHANIE COOK (SOMERSET) 5TH JUNE 2019 

Thanks Katrina and Jon for the hottest 4 handed massage I have experienced before. So sensual. So erotic. So sexual. So amazing. Many thanks A. SATCHWELL (LOOE) 28TH MAY 2019

Jon offers a great range of tantric and sensual massages, many of which I have partaken of in the past few years. He is a very professional person who has a unique ability to transfer his obvious sensuality to clients effortlessly. My wife has enjoyed Jon's sessions as much as I have mine but I adore being with him in that unique atmosphere TERRY JONES (HONITON) 23RD MAY 2019

Hi Katrina, just a quick thank you once again for a fantastic massage yesterday. I will be back again in July DENNIS LOWE (RUGBY) 19TH MAY 2019

Lovely massage thank you Jon. I appreciate the care you took especially with my own personal problems DAVID MONK (EXETER) 16TH MAY 2019

My wife and I were fortunate to enjoy a couples massage with Jon recently and it was everything and more that we could have wished for. Watching one's partner being massaged so sensually by a naked stranger is without doubt a hugely erotic experience and Jon clearly has the most unique touch and professionalism to achieve this so easily. When it came to my turn to be massaged Jon was no less sensual and, though never having been touched by another male, I found the whole experience very arousing, as did my wife. We certainly intend revisiting Jon in the near future as this was certainly something we want to enjoy again KEITH AND GILLIAN H (NEWTON ABBOT) 13TH MAY 2019

Katrina gave me the most sensual experience of my life in my massage booking last Thursday. I am a naturallly nervous person but she removed all tensions and anxieties I had and allowed me to enjoy such a wonderful session with her that I felt we had been intimate friends for years, such was the love and closeness of the massage therapy. I can only say that this was an experience I will never forget and indeed, intend to repeat as often as I am able xxxx JOHN MARKS (EXETER) 12TH MAY 2019

Thanks Jon for the great massage. You really know your stuff and I felt turned on for hours and hours afterwards. Be back next month for a repeat session MARTIN BELL (DEVON) 11TH MAY 2019

I had tried for several weeks to get a booking but without luck as these are really busy but eventually I managed to book a four handed massage with both Katrina and Jon. What an experience! To have 2 naked massage therapists working your body simultaneously is something everyone should experience in their lifetime as nothing compares. I enjoyd it that much I have now booked again for a longer four handed massage with them. Very highly recommended IAN (NEWTON ABBOT) 9TH MAY 2019

Having thought for a considerable time about making a booking with Katrina I eventually took the plunge and booked a 2 hour Gold massage for the Saturday afternoon. I am so thankful that I did as not only was the massage great but I left the premises feeling totally different and much more confident as a person. Katrina was gorgeous, and her touch was unbelievable. I had only dreamed of being in such a position before, being massaged all over by a wonderful naked lady who was able to stimulate every sense I have. Thank you Katrina COLIN HOWARD (PLYMOUTH) 4TH MAY 2019

Totally sensual beyond my expectations. I am so glad I let my inhibitions go so as to fully enjoy and experience this lovely and highly sensual experience TOM H (TORQUAY) 30TH APRIL 2019

Best sensual massage in Devon. Wonderful. Thank you again Katrina MIKE HALL (EXETER)| 18TH APRIL 2019

I have been to see both Jon and Katrina over the past couple of years and have booked in again over the Easter Holiday for anothe remarkable session of pampering and sensuality from Katrina that I just can't get anywhere else ALAN G (TAVISTOCK) 17TH APRIL 2019

Having enjoyed a massage from Jon last July I decided to try one from Katrina and was totally blown away. The massage was so sensual and hot I regret not having been to see her before on my many visits to Devon JEFF DONOVAN (WARWICK) 15TH APRIL 2019

Just a quickie to say a massive thanks to Katrina and Jon for their amazing couples massage Amanda and I experienced from them today. We look forward to our next visit greatly! TONY & AMANDA W (ST IVES) 12TH APRIL 2019

Great massage Jon. Sensual, highly stimulating and just what I needed. I will be back asap TOM (PAIGNTON) 7TH APRIL 2019

I tend to agree with many others on here who have enjoyed sensual massage with Katrina. She is very friendly and approachable with any questions regarding the massage and is very good at her profession. I have never experienced a massage like it before and have to admit the whole thing from start to finish was stunning. It is now 2 weeks since my massage and I am genuinely missing the sensual experience I enjoyed during the massage to the extent that I will be booking a further session for next week STEPHEN C (NEWTON ABBOT) 5TH APRIL 2019

I would recommend the Gold Plus massage from Katrina. I have had this one several times and it just gets better and better each time. Amazingly sensual and a huge turn on. She is a very sensual masseuse and has magical fingers DON R (EXETER) 2ND APRIL 2019

Top massage. Katrina is a dream therapist to have massaging you. One of the best experiences of my life JOHN STRAKER (EXETER) 27TH MARCH 2009

Sorry about the delayed post but finally got round to it! Jon gave me the most brilliant and sensual massage ever in January and I will be back at Easter. Top person and top massage JAMES (EXETER) 19TH MARCH 2019

Great massage from a very hot lady. I have had several different massages now from Katrina and each one is very sensual and invigorating. Will be looking to return soon JOHN (BRIXHAM) 14TH MARCH 2019

Have to agree with so many others on here commenting about Katrina's massage, especially the Gold and Gold Plus. I have tried both and can only sing her praises to the max. Top quality experience PETER (DARTMOUTH) 11TH MARCH 2019

I booked a Gold Plus Tantric massage with Katrina last Thursday and can honestly say it was the most fantastic experience ever. Impossible to describe in detail as it would take so long but suffice to say it was sensual beyond belief and left me feeling unbelievably energised. Top, top massage! ADRIAN H (PLYMOUTH) 6TH MARCH 2019

Hot and sensual massage that was everything and more that I imagined it to be. Beautiful atmosphere and lovely masseuse named Katrina. I booked a 2 hour Gold massage based on reading some of the recommendations on the website and am very happy to confirm they were spot on. Would love to return but will have to wait until the summer now ALEX GIBB (OXFORD) 4TH MARCH 2019

Brilliant! Wow! What an experience. Best massage ever JOHN EVANS (TORQUAY) 18TH FEBRUARY 2019

Hi Katrina, many, many thanks for the most wonderful massage yesterday. Exactly as you said, the Gold Plus was everything I could have hoped for in a sensual massage. I will certainly be back, hopefully in the next 3 weeks. Best wishes xxx DAVID THOMAS (NEWTON ABBOT) 16TH FEBRUARY 2019

What can I say but simply amazing experience. Never having had a tantric massage this was all new to me but so sensual I just wish I had booked again during my holiday. Never mind I will be back in a couple of months JUSTIN (READING) 12TH FEBRUARY 2019

Hi Katrina! Brilliant massage yesterday. I truly enjoyed being taken to another place where I could just let all my inhibitions disappear and feel the immense sensuality of your body massaging me. Look forward to seeing you soon MARK YOUNG (EXETER) 9TH FEBRUARY 2019

Great massage! Everything and more that I could have hoped for. Very professional and skilled masseuse and the body to body massage is out of this world. My second Gold Ultra booking and my next one will be here soon JAMES (DAWLISH) 5TH FEBRUARY 2019

Wow what can I say? Gold Plus massage from Katrina. What a gem of an experience. Haven't gotten over it yet and that was almost a week ago JEFF H (ASHBURTON) 30TH JANUARY 2019

Thanks for a superb massage experience Jon. Had a few doubts and nerves before leaving home but those quickly disappeared once we began the massage. Again, many thanks TOM G. (TORQUAY) 24TH JANUARY 2019

Ok I'm not going to beat about the bush. Just had Katrina's Gold massage. Soooooo sensual. And such pleasure. To be massaged naked with warm oils by a naked Katrina is simply WOW! GRAHAM (EXETER) 19TH JANUARY 2019

Just had the Gold Plus tantric massage from Katrina. One amazing experience. Every man out there looking for a REAL sensual massage should try this. Have rebooked again for February. Hot massage and thanks Katrina xx JAMES (NEWTON ABBOT) 13TH JANUARY 2019

I had the Gold massage from Katrina yesterday and feel amazing today. What a great massage. Saving my pennies for next month now! CHARLES (TORQUAY) 11TH JANUARY 2019

From the initial contact right through to the massage Jon epitomised the level of professionalism seldom seen today. The conversation we had regarding the various massages for me to choose from enlightening and full of different choices to suit myself. Studio was lovely and warm with an atmosphere similar to a tropical oasis. I felt relaxed and comfortable and this made the enjoyment of the tantric massage even greater. In summary, the deluxe massage is a wonderful choice, in my opinion, at a very good price and experiencing this sort of massage for the first time has left me thirsting for more. I would highly recommend Jon and in particular his deluxe massage JASON HOLDER (DEVON) 7TH JANUARY 2019

Ok so now I have had five different tantric massages from lovely Katrina and I still cannot decide which I prefer. All are very very sensual and yet different in their own ways. All I can say is I look forward to the next few months and see if having another five or so will help me decide. Wonderful experiences! CHRIS GRAHAM (PLYMOUTH) 3RD JANUARY 2019

Thanks for the best present ever Katrina. Your dvice on the Gold Plus was spot on and I am so grateful. I look forward to my next visit soon MICHAEL HALL (DEVON) 31ST DECEMBER 2018 

Great experience. Jon is a master of his trade and so very professional. Top massage sir! BEN (KINGSBRIDGE) 27TH DECEMBER 2018

What a fabulous Christmas present we had! I treated my wife and I to a couples massage with the amazing Katrina and it was unbelievable. Sensual beyond words and so beautiful. We will certainly be returning again CHRIS AND JACKIE (EXETER) 22ND DECEMBER 2018

Hot massage from a very hot masseuse. Just what I needed before Xmas DAVID (TORQUAY) 14TH DECEMBER 2018

I know I have already told you in person but Jon you are the very best! Thank you so much for yet another wonderful and sensual massage GM (PLYMOUTH) 30TH NOVEMBER 2018

Gorgeous massage. Very hot and sensual, plus super relaxing. I left Katrina feeling like a million dollars. Great experience GUY B (TORQUAY) 23RD NOVEMBER 2018

Katrina, you most certainly have magical fingers and hands as I experienced sensations in your massage that I have not had before in any massage. I am so glad I booked and I can assure you that you will be seeing a lot more of me in the future. High respect ANTHONY HALL (DEVON) 16TH NOVEMBER 2018

Great massage again Jon. See you next month ADAM R (TORQUAY) 8TH NOVEMBER 2018

Thanks for a great massage Katrina. So glad I took the plunge and you will certainly be seeing me again. xxx RYAN (EXETER) 3RD NOVEMBER 2018

Absolute gem of a sensual massage. I thought I understood what sensuality was all about before I visited Katrina and I was so wrong! Her Gold massage is to die for. Very, very highly recommended JAMES (PLYMOUTH) 30TH OCTOBER 2018

Wow! What an experience. Katrina is so amazing and her touch is sensual beyond words. Gold massage is mind blowing and should not be missed! CHARLES (TOTNES) 15TH OCTOBER 2018

Not disputing how good Jon is but my wife and I have had numerous tantric massages from Katrina and have been immensely impressed each time TOM AND LINDA HALL (WEST COUNTRY) 3RD OCTOBER 2018

Can't beat Jon. Simply the best ANGELA & DEON (SOUTH HAMS) 27TH SEPTEMBER 2018

Jon gives the best tantric massage in Devon in my opinion by a long way. I have been enjoying his massage for over 5 years after trying numerous other therapists from 2009-2013 DANIEL (EXETER) 24TH SEPTEMBER 2018

Having visited Jon for several years and received fantastic massages I moved away from Devon due to work commitments but have now returned and have been pleasantly surprised to find that Katrina also offers her tantric massages now. Experiencing her Gold tantric massage last Tuesday was a great eye opener and I absolutely totally enjoyed it. Wonderful! BOB CARTER (UK) 15TH SEPTEMBER 2018

I can thoroughly recommend Katrina for her wonderful Gold massages. I have experienced three so far and each has been extremely sensual, professional and exceeded my expectations ALAN D (SOUTH DEVON) 5TH SEPTEMBER 2018

Highly talented masseuse with the most wonderful hands and touch. I could have spent all day under her magical spell but had to suffice with just 2 hours. Katrina....Mwah! TERRY BROWN (TORQUAY) 28TH AUGUST 2018

Another fabulous massage from Jon. Many, many thanks once again CLIVE (EXETER) 25TH AUGUST 2018

My wife and myself recently had a joint session with Jon and Katrina and they really were brilliant at what they do. Both of us left feeling much more energetic and sensual, yet so relaxed and serene. Fabulous! GERALD AND HAZEL (TAUNTON) 12TH AUGUST 2018 

Jon gives the most sensual massage and is a true professional. I have been attending his sessions for a number of years and have yet to leave after a session without feeling amazing JACK S (TORQUAY) 3RD AUGUST 2018

Gorgeous masseuse and a wonderful massage. As hot as it gets surely? BILL (PLYMOUTH) 25TH JULY 2018

Once again I had the pleasure of receiving an amazing and extremely hot massage from Katrina, the Gold Platinum one, which is simply unbelievable. I know she is starting her bondage sessions shortly and I REALLY cannot wait to experience one of these TOM GRANT (TAUNTON) 19TH JULY 2018

I had a fantastic massage with Katrina last week while on holiday in Devon. A Gold Plus massage which was extremely sensual and erotic. Highly recommended. PHILIP H (BRISTOL) 14TH JULY 2018

Recently booked and thoroughly enjoyed Katrina's Platinum massage. This really was the Rolls Royce of sensual massage and I can't wait for another, as soon as the World Cup finishes! GRAHAM (KINGSBRIDGE) 9TH JULY 2018

Thanks for a great massage experience Jon. I really enjoyed it and will be back next time in the area. Best wishes. ROB (SUTTON COLDFIELD) 5TH JULY 2018

Top massage from 2 top people. Have enjoyed both Jon and Katrina's massages and they are very, very good. Very sensual and professional people. TONY WATSON (EXETER) 1ST JULY 2018

After reading the reviews I decided to book a 4 handed massage with both Katrina and Jon and am so very glad I did. The massage was extremely sensual and hot and I enjoyed the sensual touch of both of these very amazing people. COLIN DAVIES (ASHBURTON) 25TH JUNE 2018

Thanks for a totally relaxing and sensual experience last week Jon. I can easily offer this recommendation to anyone seeking a great massage BILL WEBB (EXETER) 17TH JUNE 2018

Booked the Platinum massage with Katrina. Too hot to describe here. Suffice to say it is sooooooo sensual and sooooooo good! I am now hooked! BARRY S (TORQUAY) 27TH MAY 2018

Very hot massage Jon COLIN HILL (PLYMOUTH) 20TH MAY 2018

Hi Katrina. As you said, it was the most sensual experience I could have imagined! I still felt so sensual even after arriving home 3 hours after the massage. I so enjoyed massaging you and have to say what a gorgeous body you have. I will be booking another session with you next month. Until then many kisses xxxxx DOMINIC (BATH) 18TH MAY 2018

Thanks for a great massage yesterday Jon. I will certainly be back early June. Muchos Gracias PAOLO (BRISTOL) 9TH MAY 2018

Just an amazing experience! Katrina Gold Ultimate massage is the one! 10 out of 10! STEPHEN FISHER (DARTMOUTH) 4TH MAY 2018

What a fantastic massage. I have now had 5 sensual massages in Devon and simply cannot find any to compare with Katrina's Gold. Shared shower and reciprocal massage with a stunning lady. Thank you so very much and will be seeing you again shortly RYAN (TORQUAY) 30TH APRIL 2018

Still feeling the sheer highs of my massage with Katrina yesterday. What an amazing experience!! JACK THOMAS (ASHBURTON) 24TH APRIL 2018

Hi Jon, just a quick note to thank you for my massage yesterday morning. It was terrific and more than I expected if I am being honest. Best wishes and hopefully I will see you again next time I am in Devon PAUL CLARKE (BUCKINGHAM) 16TH APRIL 2018

I guess I booked my massage with Katrina expecting it was going to be a lovely sexy massage. Well I was not disappointed in that at all, but merely to label this massage as just sexy would be doing both Katrina and her massage a great disservice. The massage was amazing. Unlike anything I had ever experienced before, despite having had perhaps 40 odd supposedly sensual massages in the past. Everything about the whole booking was different. Beautiful woman. Magical hands and fingers. Ability to take me to levels of extreme pleasure, keep me there and then bring me back down before repeating. Lovely atmosphere and even joining me in the shower. It just doesnt get any better than this. CHRIS (PLYMOUTH) 12TH APRIL 2018

Wow! As hot and sexy a massage as I have ever had. I could have stayed for hours it was so hot! Katrina. Gold massage. With shared showers. JUST DO IT! BOB YORK (NEWTON ABBOT) 7TH APRIL 2018

Just home after truly sensual massage from Katrina. Really hot and sensual experience and her Gold Tantric massage is very much recommended EDDIE (PLYMOUTH) 4TH APRIL 2018

Thanks Jon for a lovely sensual massage. Very much appreciated STUART (DEVON) 2ND APRIL 2018

Me too! I booked a gold massage and then changed to the Gold Plus one when I arrived. Fantastic experience all round. God, if only I lived nearer, I would be back every other week COLM (BATH) 29TH MARCH 2018

I have experienced Katrina's Gold massage twice. Certainly is one sensual massage. Magical! STAN (DEVON) 26TH MARCH 2018

Top massage! Highly recommended MARK (EXETER) 23RD MARCH 2018

I would also recommend Jon but for different reasons than others have written. I am a female, happily married, who sought to experience the sensual touch of another man other than my husband in a safe environment. Jon was adept at massaging me in a way I would never have expected and certainly haven't experienced before. Ever the professional, Jon also convinced me to relax and enjoy the massage at certain times when I felt I wanted to push the boundaries somewhat. I will most certainly be returning KATHY (DEVON) 17TH MARCH 2018

I admit to being initially nervous, never having been undressed in front of another man, but Jon expertly helped me relax and enjoy the massage. He has a friendly and supportive demeanour and understands how people like myself can be apprehensive. I would recommend Jon, yes, to anyone wanting a great massage from another man MR STEVE BROWN (PLYMOUTH) 6TH MARCH 2018 

OK guys, this is one massage you must try. Jon is a brilliant masseur and really makes you feel hot, sensual and amazing BRIAN SUTCH (DEVON) 28TH FEBRUARY 2018

Thanks for a really great and sensual massage Jon. I will be back in summer COLIN (ST AUSTELL) 13TH FEBRUARY 2018

Great massage at short notice. Will be returning next month all being well WILLIAM (ASHBURTON) 25TH JANUARY 2018

Wow. Didn't quite know what to expect but this deluxe massage was so very good. I would love to come back again when I am next in the area JOHN (RUGBY) 23RD DECEMBER 2017

As always a very sensual and relaxing massage from Jon, leaving me feeling great BOB H (TORQUAY) 19TH DECEMBER 2017

Thanks for a really hot massage. You really know your stuff Jon. See you again soon TERRY GRAHAM (ISLINGTON) 16TH DECEMBER 2017

I thought I would be something of a rarity on here until I browsed the messages on this page and saw other females who had been for a sensual massage with Jon. He is a very gentle and easy going person who knows how to relax you before the massage, removing any nerves, which I did have admittedly. Beautiful hands which seemed to electrify my entire body, leaving me craving more and more. The massage was with a hot oil which in itself was absolutely sensual beyond belief, but allied with Jon's touch and technique became simply amazing and mind blowing. I had never experienced anything like it before and it has taken me several days to gather my thoughts enough to even write this, asking myself if it were really a dream??? Wonderful, sublime, gorgeous...no words seem adequate to describe the experience so I am not going to try any more. I will certainly be back again before Christmas for a repeat, 300 mile round trip as well!! SUZANNE (GLOUCESTER) 23RD NOVEMBER 2017

Yes I would recommend Jon for his sensual massage. As a gay man I never realised a straight guy could be so knowledgeable about giving another male such a sensual massage but Jon certainly is. Great job! TERRY (LOOE) 3RD NOVEMBER 2017

Yes, one of the better masseurs around without a doubt. Very sensual massage and a very sensual guy, as somebody else already alluded to on here CLINTON (SOUTH DEVON) 3RD OCTOBER 2017

I have had sensual massages from Jon and so has my wife, Jane. We didn't realise that he also massaged females until I had been to see him a couple of times but since then we go for a massage each month, sometimes together other times on our own. I would have no problem recommending Jon. ANDY SCHOFIELD (EXETER) 8TH SEPTEMBER 2017

Agree with others who have submitted reviews on here in that Jon gives a great massage. I have wasted so much time and money in the past on guys who simply don't give the massage they say they do, but Jon certainly does not come into that category. Wish I had found him a year or so ago as would hav saved me a pretty penny or two! JEFF (PLYMSTOCK) 26TH AUGUST 2017

Jon offers various different massage and has recently introduced a mutual massage in which a client can massage him. It is the best yet! TERRY HALL (HONITON) 28TH JULY 2017

I have been to see Jon for various sensual massages in the last few years. His deluxe one is very good but my favourite is one where he allows the client to massage him as well. This is very, very sensual and hot!!ANDREW D (TAVISTOCK) 19TH JULY 2017

Yes I would agree that this massage is very erotic and exciting. Cannot wait for my next one in 2 weeks time ALAN H (TORQUAY) 12TH JULY 2017

Jon gives a wonderful erotic massage. He has a very hot body and knows how to use his obvious talents. Sheer bliss! GRAHAM VICKERS (EXETER) 6TH JULY 2017

I have been seeing Jon for sensual massage for several years on a regular basis. There is nobody to touch the sensuality in his massage STEVE ANDREWS (TOTNES) 27TH JUNE 2017

Great massage this morning from Jon FRANK WALLINGS (PAIGNTON) 19TH JUNE 2017

I have seen Jon on quite a few occasions and have never had anything other than a quality sensual massage that has left me feeling great. I too would recommend him to anyone wanting a great male massage WARREN HART (EXETER) 3RD JUNE 2017 

Top notch! Highly recommended for a great gay experience at a good price TERRY GAFFEE (BODMIN) 29TH MAY 2017

Booked a session with Jon several weeks ago and certainly enjoyed it. Jon has a great body and knows how to give a very sensual massage using his hands and body to stimulate and relax. I found him to be absolutely first class and will certainly be visiting him again when next in the area JAMES J (WARWICK) 23RD MAY 2017

Okay so I am a woman rather than a male, but I have been enjoying Jon's sensual touch for a long time and it has been part of my monthly pleasures which I will not give up. Jon makes me feel like a voluptuous woman 20 years younger than I am and this does wonders for my self confidence. I would recommend Jon's massage for ANY lonely woman out there ANITA SMALL (ST IVES) 24TH APRIL 2017

Great massage from a very sensual masseur JAMES (SOUTH DEVON) 19TH APRIL 2017

Jon is without doubt one of the more genuine and professional masseurs I have experienced. He gives a very sensual massage and offers good value for money. I regard him as almost a friend now PETER FELL (PLYMOUTH) 29TH MARCH 2017

I have had over a dozen massages from Jon and my wife has also had around 6 or 7 as well. He is very trustworthy and genuine and we regard him as a friend as well as our masseur. Great prices too COLIN LEWIS (ASHBURTON) 16TH MARCH 2017

Probably seems strange but I enjoyed a wonderful sensual massage from Jon, even though I am female (yes I know it is supposed to be for men). I called, made an enquiry, made a booking, made the trip from Plymouth and had the most FABULOUS experience. God how I wish I was married to someone with THAT touch and THAT body!! HELEN (PLYMOUTH) 8TH MARCH 2017

Really good massage from a very sensual guy with magic hands and fingers ADRIAN (ASHBURTON) 21ST FEBRUARY 2017

Great massage. Everything I could have wished for in a male massage TONY (TORQUAY) 26TH JANUARY 2017

Sent in a review about a year ago but havent seen it at all so thought would send another one after my recent visit to Jon. Jon gives a really sensual massage and using hot oils on every part of my body is simply amazing. He has enabled me to understand my body in a way I had never thought possible. Looking forward to my next massage after New Year STUART (TORQUAY) 28TH DECEMBER 2016

I have been to see Jon often in recent years. Always gives a hot and sensual massage. Great value and a great guy! ERIC (TOTNES) 18TH DECEMBER 2016

Visited Jon for a 90 minute deluxe sensual massage last week after seeing his website. Have to admit the massage was really good and probably better than I had expected. I will be booking again next time I am in the area for certain IAN ROBERTSON (SLOUGH) 8TH DECEMBER 2016

Yes, a great massage. Very sensual in content and by a guy with a hot body too JASON (NEWTON ABBOT) 7TH DECEMBER 2016

Jon offers a range of sensual massage, most of which I have experienced over the years but always come back to his one and a half hour delux one. Very sensual and sexually charged I find it hits the right spots for me. CARL (TORQUAY) 2ND DECEMBER 2016

Hot, hot and hotter! Really sensual massage given by a masseur named Jon. I am hooked! And have rebooked! TIM (NEWTON ABBOT) 22ND NOVEMBER 2016

I have had several massages from Jon and it really is a case of 'doing exactly what it says on the tin'. Very sensual and stimulating and in a very erotic atmosphere. Perfect and sheer pleasure PETER C (TORBAY) 16TH NOVEMBER 2016

Yes Jon offers a variety of sensual massage which I have experienced at various times over the last year. Yes I would definately recommend a visit for anyone looking for a very pleasurable experience PAUL (PLYMOUTH) 9TH NOVEMBER 2016

Wow! Amazing massage. Really enjoyed it LESLIE (BRIXHAM) 1ST NOVEMBER 2016

Great touch and a very sensual guy. All the perfect ingredients! JAMIE (CORNWALL) 24TH OCTOBER 2016

Like many others who have posted on here I can only say Jon gives a brilliant sensual massage. Not only have I enjoyed his sensual touch but my wife has also had several massages from him and we have also been to see Jon twice as a couple for massage ANDY & GILLIAN (EXETER) 16TH OCTOBER 2016

I have been to see Jon many times over the last few years and he has always given me the most fantastic sensual massage. I have no hesitation in recommending Jon to anyone who is seeking the most sensual massage out there in Devon TOM (IVYBRIDGE) 6TH OCTOBER 2016

Jon does exactly what it says on the tin! Hot and sensual massage in a great atmosphere of warmth, candles and plants. What more could a man want? JAMES (DEVON) 11TH SEPTEMBER 2016

I can only say WOW! Sensual to the core RON PITT (DEVON) 29TH AUGUST 2016

Very good massage for removing stress and giving a level of sensuality that has been sadly lacking in my life recently. I have signed up for another massage with Jon for next week again TREVOR (TOTNES) 16TH AUGUST 2016

I have been seeing Jon for sensual massage for over 3 years and he has never been anything other than simply excellent. He has a wonderful touch and always makes me feel very special during the massage. Highly recommended COLIN BLETHWYN(DEVON) 6TH AUGUST 2016

Agree with everything most others have put on here, to be honest. A really good sensual massage from a really sensual masseur in great surroundings. What more does a sensual man want? JAMES (BRISTOL) 29TH JULY 2016

Great massage and well worth a visit. Jon gives a very sensual massage, just what I needed NEIL (DEVON) 25TH JULY 2016

I was given Jon's contact details by the receptionist at the gay hotel I was staying in nearby in Torquay. Booked a 1 hour slot, changed it to 1 and a half hours, then 2 hours as the massage progressed. This guy is really good. I had possibly one of the best experiences of my life and will certainly book again on my next visit later in the year. Go for the deluxe massage JAY H. (LONDON) 15TH JULY 2016

Got to agree with many of the previous posters regarding Jon. Gives a really hot and sexy massage and yes, he is a hunk!! STUART (BABBACOMBE) 9TH JULY 2016

Having searched for quite a time to find someone who is not part of a backstreet parlour outfit, I came across Jon's website and after reading the comments decided to make a booking for an hour and a half. I was pleasantly surprised at the ambience and atmosphere Jon has created in his studios and realised this was a very professional business. The massage itself was wonderful. Hot oils massaged into every part of my body whilst relaxing in a warm studio surrounded by beautiful plants and lighting while soft music helped to take me into another planet as Jon worked his magic on me with his wonderful hands and very sexy body. After months of looking, I have found exactly what I have been looking for. An amazing guy who gives an equally amazing sensual massage SIMON FORBES (DEVON) 3RD JULY 2016

I have been to Jon many times over the past few years and can honestly recommend him for any male wanting to experience a loving and sensual massage from another male COLIN LEWIS (DEVON) 20TH JUNE 2016

Jon gives a really hot and sensual massage. Really knows his stuff TREVOR (PAIGNTON) 11TH JUNE 2016

Brilliant! GRAHAM (EXETER) 5TH JUNE 2016

Hi Jon thought I would add my voice to your growing band of admirers!! I always enjoy your massage and have become a far more sensual lover directly as a result of experiencing your techniques. Apart from that you do have a great body yourself!! JACK J (TOTNES) 29TH MAY 2016

Yes Jon is certainly an expert at giving sensual massage. I have been to him for several years and my wife has also been recently quite often. Would recommend very much TIM H (PLYMOUTH) 13TH MAY 2016

Very hot massage from a man who really knows how to hit the right spot...lol JAMES (LAUNCESTON) 12TH MARCH 2016

I would recommend Jon's massage but go for the deluxe one as it is a lot more sensual and has great body to body contact. I really enjoyed my massage and Jon even allowed me to massage him for a while which was AMAZING!!!!! ADAM (TEIGNMOUTH) 5TH MARCH 2016

Really good. Relaxing, stimulating, very, very sensual, lovely warm studios, really sensual guy,.......what more would a man ever want for a great experience? PETER (SOUTH HAMS) 28TH FEBRUARY 2016

Jon gives a very sensual and relaxing massage, certainly the best I have come across in Devon ALAN (EXETER) 22ND FEBRUARY 2016

Yes I can recommend Jon for a really good massage. Have been several times TONY FRIZZELL (TORQUAY) 13TH FEBRUARY 2016

Recommended PHIL (BRISTOL) 2ND FEBRUARY 2016

Try the deluxe massage. Best one and really sensual. I have been seeing Jon for a couple of years now and have never been disappointed DAVID HARRIS (ASHBURTON) 22ND JANUARY 2016

I can recommend Jon highly. I have had 5 or 6 massages from him and he is good FRANK (PLYMOUTH) 15TH JANUARY 2016

Yes I would recommend Jon for his sensual massage for men and women. Both my wife and myself have been to see Jon on numerous occasions in the past couple of years and we love his sessions TOM (TORQUAY) 11TH JANUARY 2016

I have been to Jon for sensual massage for several years now and would easily recommend him to anyone wanting a relaxing but sensual massage CHRIS JANSSEN (EXETER) 5TH JANUARY 2016

I would go for the 90 minute sensual massage. Jon gives an excellent massage experience DAVID HALL (PLYMOUTH) 30TH DECEMBER 2015

Great massage Jon. Sensual and nice! PETER D. (EXETER) 28TH NOVEMBER 2015

Along with my wife, I have enjoyed many massages from Jon over the years and we still look forward to our bimonthly sessions TERRY BELLAMY (DEVON) 15TH NOVEMBER 2015

Jon has been a real inspiration to me in my life. He has removed all my worries and anxiety with his tantric massage and given me the confidence to go out there and enjoy my life being the person I really am. He is non-judgemental and I consider him to be a wonderful person PATRICK STEPHENS (WESTON) 21ST OCTOBER 2015

I have enjoyed Jon's sensual massages quite often and I can honestly recommend him as a wonderful masseur. JANE (PAIGNTON) 10TH OCTOBER 2015

Jon 90 minute deluxe sensual massage. Brilliant!! ALAN (DEVON) 4TH OCTOBER 2015

Been to see Jon regularly for over 3 years now and his sensual massages are the best! Wouldnt go anywhere else! BARRY (BRIXHAM) 18TH SEPTEMBER 2015

Really good massage from an attractive guy. Would recommend highly CHRIS (PLYMOUTH) 6TH SEPTEMBER 2015‚Äč

Been to see Jon for a couple of years now and have also introduced my wife Jane to his amazing touch. Suffice to say we visit as a couple once a month now! COLIN (PLYMOUTH) 18TH JULY 2015

Very sensual massage. Just what the doctor ordered! PETER JAMES (DEVON) 2ND JULY 2015

Just back home after a fantastic sensual massage from Jon. What an experience! ANDREW (EXETER) 20TH JUNE 2015

I have visited Jon for the last 4 years, though only during summer holidays. His massage is a very sensual and relaxing one which is very good and also good value HARRY ALSOP (YORK) 16TH JUNE 2015

Great massage DEREK (DEVON) 10TH JUNE 2015

Had a sensual massage from Jon last Wednesday. Very good value and a very good massage. I have now booked my wife in for a sensual massage with him CRAIG (TORQUAY) 6TH JUNE 2015

I first booked a massage with Jon about 6 years ago and have been back only once since due to working overseas but having just had another massage from him I can honestly say not only is the massage every bit as good as I first experienced but if anything Jon has raised the bar even higher. Definately has to be at the top of his profession ROBERT BURGESS (BRISTOL) 29TH MAY 2015

Visited Jon for a sensual massage after reading these views of others and have decided to add my own as Jon's massage is really well worth experiencing. I am going to be booking again JEFF H (TIVERTON) 22ND MAY 2015

Thanks for the excellent massage last Saturday. You were correct in how I would feel after the massage and indeed for several days after. I am really happy to have finally taken the step to enjoy sensual massage from you and I look forward to many more hours of sensual pleasure. I intend to book again for early June so will see you again then TERRY HART (PLYMOUTH) 14TH MAY 2015

Agree with all everyone has said on here already. Jon gives a FABULOUS massage and is amazing FRANK BONNER (PLYMOUTH) 30TH APRIL 2015

I have had some good massages from men and also some poor ones too, but this one was just about the best of them all. Jon not only gives a really sensual massage but is hot himself too STEVE (BODMIN) 6TH APRIL 2015

Thanks for a great experience. I will most certainly be back. Wish I'd found you years ago TERRY GRIFFITH (TORQUAY) 21ST MARCH 2015

What an experience. Very pleased Jon. You were correct. No nerves afterwards and thoroughly enjoyed my 2 hours with you. Once again, many thanks NIGEL (DARTMOUTH) 17TH MARCH 2015

Where to start? Having had a sensual massage from Jon last month I rebooked but this time I included my wife Helen as a couples massage. What an amazing experience! Not only having the most exhilarating massage myself but then to watch your wife being taken over and over to the brink of orgasm simply by Jon's magical touch all over her body (and not just the areas you may think), was just mind blowing. She hasnt been the same person since and has demanded intense sexual attention from me every night, which was something we hadn't done since we were teenagers. At early 50's, Jon has breathed new and exciting life into our relationship and we believe we are so very lucky to have been guided by him. We highly recommend this to anyone out there, be they male, female or a couple. Just go for it! DAVE AND HELEN BOOTH (HONITON) 11TH MARCH 2015

Wow! Superb! DAN (PLYMOUTH) 2ND MARCH 2015

Excellent experience. Deluxe tantric is the one for me next time as well IAN (POOLE) 26TH FEBRUARY 2015

Enjoyed the sensual massage last week and looking to book another but also for my wife as well if possible. Sure she would love the experience as much as I did. Will call soon DAVID BOOTH (HONITON) 18TH FEBRUARY 2015

Hot stuff Jon! Really enjoyed the session. Was totally different from what I expected and I admit I didnt expect the sensuality you created which felt really good. I will be back again TONY B (TEIGNMOUTH) 13TH FEBRUARY 2015

Hi Jon just thought a quick thanks would be ok. Loved the massage. Top guy! C U soon JEFF NOLAN (BATH) 5TH FEBRUARY 2015

Great massage buddy! Sensual, hot and relaxing all combined and delivered by a hunk of a masseur TODD (TIVERTON) 9TH JANUARY 2015

Just what I needed after a long tiring week. Being pampered and gently massaged by a senusal guy who knows exactly what parts to tweek! The massage was relaxing and very, very sensual and Jon clearly knows his job very well. I will be back for more of Jon's special massage soon. Try it and see! ROB (PLYMOUTH) 5TH JANUARY 2015

Really warm and sensual body massage from Jon. BILL (PLYMOUTH) 28TH DECEMBER 2014

I had my first ever massage from another guy today and it was amazing. Just very very sensual and relaxing as if I had known Jon for years instead of hours. I will be back! DAVID (EXETER) 19TH DECEMBER 2014

Hot massage from Jon today. He certainly knows how to please JACK (TORBAY) 14TH DECEMBER 2014

Jon gives a very professional massage, including a great deal of sensuality which is greatly appreciated after a long day on the road TERRY (LAUNCESTON) 10TH DECEMBER 2014

I can only give this massage the highest appreciation as it was exactly what I needed to remove the stress, pressure and built up anxiety, and create a level of sensuality that was natural to the massage CHRIS (AXMINSTER) 4TH DECEMBER 2014 

Good massage and very good value for money ALAN (TOTNES) 1ST DECEMBER 2014

Definately recommended. A first class massage experience VICTOR (PLYMOUTH) 27TH NOVEMBER 2014

Agree with comments on here. Great massage, great guy and I will certainly be back GUY (EXETER) 14TH NOVEMBER 2014

I guess the best way to describe my sensual massage from Jon recently is highly sensual, erotic in nature, totally relaxing and as near perfect as any sensual experience could be. Jon is amazing and his touch is truly magical. Using hot oils and with the candles etc it was sheer bliss ANDREW (TORQUAY) 3RD NOVEMBER 2014

Great massage Jon. Will be back again soon. TERRY (DEVON) 13TH OCTOBER 2014

Thank you so much Jon for an amazing massage from you yesterday. Stephen has been to see you several times now and he was adamant I would enjoy the experience and boy, was he right. I felt so very sensual, so very attractive, so very exciting. Stephen said I am like a new woman..lol. I would like to book in for another massage from you next Tuesday if I may CAROLE (TOTNES) 3RD OCTOBER 2014

My fourth massage from Jon and as ever it was excellent. Highly recommended PATRICK (PLYMOUTH) 28TH SEPTEMBER 2014

Yes sounds like an old cliche I know but this really was the best massage I have had, and I have had a lot believe me. Jon is really sensual in everything he did and made me feel like I was a God. Really, really enjoyable and I can't wait to return for another amazing session PETER HALL (BATH) 26TH SEPTEMBER 2014

Exactly what I was looking for......a great massage, both relaxing and exciting, given by a hot sensual guy..........I will be back the next time I am in the area as this was really too good to miss! KENNY (ANDOVER) 12TH SEPTEMBER 2014

Treated myself when on my holiday in Paignton to a massage from Jon. Well worth it and knows how to press all the right buttons. Shame I live so far away, but there is always next year ALAN (RUGBY) 24TH AUGUST 2014

Great massage TOM (DEVON) 20TH AUGUST 2014

While in Torbay on holiday my wife and myself decided to book ourselves in for a sensual massage each with Jon. We have done this before back home but never had such a fabulous massage as we did with Jon. His massage is sensual beyond expectation and both Helen and myself were blown away by it. We will be back in Devon next summer and of course, we will be paying Jon several visits! If only we had booked earlier in our stay this year. JAMES AND HELEN GOFF (LANCS) 13TH AUGUST 2014

Great massage! COLIN (BURY) 6TH AUGUST 2014

Visited Jon while down on holiday last month. Was a little nervous at first but suffice to say that during the 2 weeks I spent in Paignton I had 4 massages from him and enjoyed every single one! BOB JOYCE (DERBY) 2ND AUGUST 2014

Thanks for a great experience last week. I am still tingling from the sensuality of it all. Will be back for sure RICHARD (DARTMOUTH) 12TH JULY 2014

Yes I am a woman, but Jon took my booking and gave me the most wonderful and satisying massage. Should alter te name of the sit thouigh as must be missing out on females who I know would just LOVE his sensual massage. I certainly did! BARBARA (DEVON) 7TH JULY 2014

Agree with all on here. Excellent massage. Cannot be bettered and everything I hoped for and more COLIN (TIVERTON) 3RD JULY 2014

Great massage Jon, just what I needed. You certainly have a great touch! PETER (POOLE) 20TH JUNE 2014

Yes I am a female, and this site is for men, I know. But my husband has been seeing Jon for tantric massage for over a year and after bugging him for descriptions etc he finally relented and booked a massage for me with Jon. Initially I was quite nervous and felt inhibited by my own sexual or sensual inexperience, except with my husband, but I still enjoyed the massage. I booked again and this time felt my inhibitions disappearing and enjoyed the session even more. However, it was in my 5th session with Jon that I let all my inhibitions go and let myself enjoy fully his magical touch and was overjoyed that he let me touch his body as well. He is tanned, and well built where it matters, and I have never felt so open, so uninhibited, as that day. Since then I have been back many times and my sessions with Jon have become an integral part of my life, with being able to enjoy a non committed, but open sensual relationship with a fabulous and honest guy who always puts me and my needs first as a priority. So, for any girls out there who want to get back in touch with their own body and enjoy those desires, book a massage with Jon. You will not regret it. I certainly havent and neither has my husband..............SARAH (EXETER) 15TH JUNE 2014

Wasn't sure about making the booking but am certainly glad I did! Was everything and much more I hoped it would be. Jon is an amazing guy with a great body, tanned and hot, as others have alluded to here. Has a fabulous touch and knows what a man wants to feel in a hot massage. Would I recommend him? Hell, no.....I want him ALL to myself..lol! ROBBIE (LAUNCESTON) 6TH JUNE 2014

Really good experience. I will certainly come back again for another session like this one today CHRIS (TEIGNMOUTH) 27TH MAY 2014

Booked a 60 minute massage with Jon but could easily have extended it by another hour if he had not got another client booked in after me, such was the quality of the massage. Jon is extremely sensual and knows exactly how to work a body to produce really great feelings. I  really recommend booking more than an hour though, as you will want more and more! JEFF BOWERS (NEWQUAY) 24TH MAY 2014

Great experience. Hot and very, very sensual guy, with a great body I will add. Same again soon. TERRY (DEVON) 19TH MAY 2014

Very sensual massage which I enjoyed very much. Many thanks for a great time and I will be back COLIN (TORQUAY) 9TH MAY 2014

The guy is good, no two ways about it. Knows what he is doing and well worth the cost. Will be back sooner than later. ROBERT (BATH) 10TH APRIL 2014

I would like to submit this comment for the benefit of all those who may want to have a massage from another man but, like myself, are hesitant to commit to taking the plunge. I had thought about this for several months and each time I felt I would jump in, I chickened out. Then I found this website and read up on Jon and his massages and also the comments from previous customers, which tended to reassure me. Having contacted Jon, I found him to be very helpful, both with what to expect and in helping to make me feel more comfortable about coming to see him. He had no problem with chatting to me for almost 20 minutes on the phone as I asked all my questions. Finally I decided to book a one hour slot and on the day Ii arrived feeling very nervous but Jon quickly helped me relax and I felt confident that I had made the right choice. After showering, Jon started to massage me in a beautiful studio room with incense and soft music playing. I became totally relaxed and let myself go to enjoy the beauty of being massaged by another man, one who knew how every touch on every part of my body would feel. It was unbelievable and I am so glad I made that decision. Since then I have been back to see Jon on half a dozen occasions now and feel amazing each time I lay there naked being massaged by him. If you are in the position I was a few months ago.......go for it and enjoy it all! BRIAN H (TEIGNMOUTH) 3RD APRIL 2014

Exquisite! GERRY (PLYMOUTH) 14TH MARCH 2014

Hi Jon. I wanted to write to thank you for an amazing session last Friday evening. I wasnt, as you were aware, 100% comfortable with the prospect of being naked and massaged by another man, but you put my mind at ease immediately with your professional manner and confidence. As a result I was able to fully enjoy all the wonderful sensations from your fingers and hands and found it to be sooooo sensual. I felt like a young teenager again! You wer correct, of course, in that at the end I was not the slightest bit nervous. This was down to your approach to newcomers like myself and your fantastic ability. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who wants to experience a highly sensual massage from a great guy. Once again, Jon, many thanks! EDWARD (ASHBURTON) 27TH FEBRUARY 2014

Brilliant experience. Deluxe massage is the one to go for. Will certainly be coming back for another experience like this. Highly recommended. DEREK (ASHBURTON) 6TH FEBRUARY 2014

Hey Jon! Whats up? Happy New Year and keep up the good work. I will be back in for my usual tantric massage on 27th. Cheers KEITH (TAVISTOCK) 7TH JANUARY 2014

Once again another great massage. I am so glad I booked with you Jon. Hope to be back before end of the month SANDRA (DEVON) 2ND JANUARY 2014

Been to Jon for quite a few sensual massages and have now introduced the wife to experience the sensual pleasure from Jon's massage COLIN (HONITON) 20TH DECEMBER 2013

Top massage from a top guy. Jon is hot and gives a great massage GARRY (SALTASH) 15TH DECEMBER 2013

My sixth massage from Jon this year. The guy is really good at what he does and is hot as well! STEPHEN (EXETER) 8TH NOVEMBER 2013

One and a half hour delux. Brilliant! CRAIG (DEVON) 4TH NOVEMBER 2013

Great massage Jon. Deluxe was excellent, as usual. Back on the 16th next month. ANTHONY (NEWTON ABBOT) 28TH OCTOBER 2013

Very pleased with my tantric massage with Jon. My husband has been to Jon for massage and recommended him and I found his massage to be very professional, very sensual and exactly what Jon had explained it to be. I will most certainly be returning before Xmas for another. HELEN (TAVISTOCK) 19TH OCTOBER 2013

Been thinking about sending in this comment for a long time but have now found the courage to do so. I have been to see Jon several times now and can say without any fear that going to see Jon has opened a whole new world for me. I have discovered things about myself I didn't even know. Thank you so very much Jon. I will see you on the 24th. TERRY (PAIGNTON) 13TH SEPTEMBER 2013

Booked a deluxe massage with Jon and had the most fantastic time under his magical hands. Probably the best massage I have ever had KEITH (TORQUAY) 2ND SEPTEMBER 2013

Hot and sensual Jon. What a truly sensual massage! I will be back for more! JAMES (PLYMOUTH) 12TH AUGUST 2013

A really great massage experience. Jon has a wonderful sensual touch and knows exactly how to give the most sensational and erotic treatment DEREK (HONITON) 25TH JULY 2013

I had been looking for somebody for quite a while to experience a really hot and sensual massage, and had been disappointed on several instances by booking with other so called sensual massage therapists only to find they were little more than seedy parlours. Then I found Jon. Not only does he have really great premises and facilities, and is hot himself, but he gives the most amazing and wonderful massage I could ever have wished for. Sheer sensuality, oozing sexuality, beautiful prostate massage, and beautiful body to body massage then totally blew my mind. Suffice to say I have been back 4 times in this past 6 weeks as it is sooooo addictive. If you want to have the most satisfying and erotic massage of your life, book in with Jon. I recommend deluxe massage. Try it!! COLIN (TAUNTON) 19 JUNE 2013

Great massage. Thanks for the very best experience. You will see me again soon DEREK INNES (BATH) 8TH JUNE 2013

This guy gives as good a massage as there is, with great eroticism. I thoroughly enjoyed the complete experience and will be back again TREVOR (PAIGNTON) 29 APRIL 2013

Hot, sexual and mindblowing! This massage is as hot as it gets. Booking again GEOFF (ASHBURTON) 20 MARCH 2013

Great massage. Sensual is really putting it mildly. I was aroused nearly all the next day! CLIFF (TORQUAY) 16TH MARCH 2013

Very sensual experience. I will certainly be a regular client from now on GARY (EXETER) 24TH FEBRUARY 2013

What a fantastic experience! A bit nervous on arrival but Jon is an expert at relaxing clients and I quickly felt at ease. His touch is oh so sensual and I felt different than I have ever felt before. I am now much more confident and open about myself and my feelings thanks to Jon ALAN P (TAVISTOCK) 8TH FEBRUARY 2013

Nothing sordid etc about this massage. It was very sensual and warm and I felt absolutely relaxed being naked in the company of another man for the massage TIM (EXETER) 2ND FEBRUARY 2013

A great massage. The setting is excellent and makes one feel relaxed and comfortable. Jon's naked body to body massage is especially hot and gives a new meaning to sensuality. I plan to be back again in 2 weeks DUNCAN (WARMINSTER) 26TH JANUARY 2013

Deluxe sensual massage. One and a half hours. Nothing can beat this! ANTHONY BELL (TAUNTON) 22 JANUARY 2013

Excellent! Sensual! ROY (EXETER) 2ND JANUARY 2013

Very enjoyable and sensual massage from Jon yesterday. Opted for the 90 minute deluxe on Jon's advice and was not disappointed. Top notch STEVEN H (TORQUAY) 29TH DECEMBER 2012

Really hot massage from a hot guy. What more could a man wish for? TREVOR (EXETER) 22 DECEMBER 2012

I have to agree with other feedbacks here that Jon gives an excellent massage. I usually go for a tantric massage after the Paignton Bikers nights in the summer, but I have now extended that to every other Wednesday during the winter as well now. For those that haven't tried one, do it now!! GUS (SALTASH) 18TH DECEMBER 2012

Experienced a really good sensual massage from Jon last Tuesday. He certainly knows his stuff and offers a great massage at a good price. JUSTIN (TOTNES) 5TH DECEMBER 2012

Thank you so very much for a fantastic tantric experience yesterday Jon. My body is still tingling in those areas! I must also thank you for agreeing to massage me as I thought you only massaged males. I will be back DIANE (PLYMOUTH) 28TH NOVEMBER 2012

Never having been massaged by another male I was very surprised how much I enjoyed this experience of tantric massage. Jon was very professional and very good, particularly in relaxing me and making the experience great TIM GRANT (TIVERTON) 24TH NOVEMBER 2012

Enjoyed a very sensual massage from Jon yesterday which was as good as any massage I have ever had. Bonus being that he is quite local and easily accessible plus very reasonable in terms of costs. Would recommend, yes. ALAN (TEIGNMOUTH) 17TH NOVEMBER 2012

Jon is a very good masseur and has very pleasant studios. The atmosphere really helps in terms of relaxation and his hands take care of the rest. Probably the best male pampering around. I will give 10/10 JONATHAN (HONITON) 13TH NOVEMBER 2012

Does exactly what it says on the tin! This guy is the best, and not expensive, either SAM (TORQUAY) 8TH NOVEMBER 2012

I cannot rate this massage highly enough. After many so-called sensual male massages from others, Jon is refreshingly wonderful in that he certainly knows what he is doing, is extremely sensual and has the most lovely touch. Being massaged by another naked man with hot oils in a candlelit room with soft music is the ultimate in self indulgence, and it is here, in South Devon, with Jon. Go ahead! Enjoy! GRAHAM (PLYMOUTH) 3RD NOVEMBER 2012

I booked a 90 minute deluxe massage with Jon yesterday and was admittedly quite nervous before arriving for the massage. Jon assured me I would be fine and then proceeded to give me the most wonderful massage I have had before. Total enjoyment. I really do understand now what he meant when he said I would feel brilliant afterwards. I felt great and still do. Many many thanks and I will be rebooking very soon GEOFF (NEWTON ABBOT) 29TH SEPTEMBER 2012

After several emails back and forth over the last month I finally took the plunge and booked my first ever massage with another male, Jon. Of course I needed not have worried as Jon is the consumate pro, putting me at ease immediately with his pleasant demeanour. He helped me to relax and enjoy his wonderful touch to such an extent that I have rebooked a massage for each of the next 2 weeks!! Just do it!!! STEPHEN (EXETER) 24TH SEPTEMBER 2012

First class massage ROY (BRIXHAM) 17TH SEPTEMBER 2012

Visited Jon twice while on holiday recently in Torbay and had 2 very different but very good massages. Sensual and erotic. I have no hesitationj in recommending his services to any male wishing for a great massage JEFFREY (STEVENAGE) 12TH SEPTEMBER 2012

Jon gives a wonderfully erotic massage in very pleasant surroundings. Recommended CHRIS (TORQUAY) 9TH SEPTEMBER 2012

Great massage today. Jon is a true professional and knows exactly what buttons to press! TERRY (NEWTON ABBOT) 5TH SEPTEMBER 2012

Hi Jon, just wanted to say a huge thanks for the couples massage you gave Angela and myself last week. Very enjoyable and great to see Angela let go so much. We would like to book again on the 23rd September FRANK & ANGELA (PLYMOUTH) 2ND SEPTEMBER 2012

Thanks for a really sensual massage yesterday. Enjoyed it tremendously and will be back next time I am in the area. See you soon STEVE (STEVENAGE) 30TH AUGUST 2012

Hot and sensual PETER (DEVON) 20TH AUGUST 2012

Loved the sensuality of the massage. Jon is uninhibited and made me feel special which helped me enjoy the massage greatly. I will be back again DEREK (TORQUAY) 8TH AUGUST 2012

My first ever massage from another man and I admit to being very nervous but on arrival and meeting Jon I was more relaxed and not so worried! The massage was better than I would ever have thought and I surprised myself by actually preferring to be massaged by a man instead of a female! I have also made another booking for the same time next month CHRIS (HONITON) 27TH JULY 2012


Jon came well recommended and he didn't fail to produce either. He has a wonderful touch and is very reassuring to a first timer like myself. I felt completely relaxed with him and will certainly return for more JACK (BIDEFORD) 21ST JULY 2012

I have been coming to Jon for over three years now and his massage is as good as it gets. I would recommend Jon to anybody looking for a really good massage from another man. Also he is very professional and discreet BILL H (BRIXHAM) 15TH JULY 2012

Wow!! I will be coming back as soon as possible for another one of these!! CHARLES (BATH) 12TH JULY 2012

Hot and hotter!! SAM (TORQUAY) 7TH JULY 2012

Exactly what I was looking for. I felt relaxed and really enjoyed the experience COLIN (TORQUAY) 19TH JUNE 2012

Top massage! MICHAEL (TOTNES) 17TH JUNE 2012

Exactly what is says on the tin. Hot, relaxing, sensual. Great massage and experience SB (TEIGNMOUTH) 12TH JUNE 2012

Very sensual and relaxing. I felt extremely stimulated by the combination of atmosphere, hot oils and Jon's expert touch. I can see why he is very much sought after as he certainly gives you your money's worth TERRY B (HOLIDAY) 9TH JUNE 2012

Wow this was hot! Deluxe 90 minute tantric massage from Jon. Left premises feeling absolutely wonderful! Can't wait for my next appointment GLYN MURRAY (PLYMOUTH) 4TH JUNE 2012

Once again a great massage. Hot and very sensual. Great combination as usual STEPHEN (ASHBURTON) 2ND JUNE 2012

Very hot massage from a very hot masseur. Unbeatable combination for a great time IAN (TORBAY) 30TH MAY 2012

Hi Jon just a brief line to thank you for the amazing experience I had with you last week. Your tantric massage is so incredibly sensual that I have never before experience anything like it. Cannot wait to visit you again soon ROBERT (EXETER) 28TH MAY 2012

Deluxe 2 hours. Go for it as it is the next best thing to going into heaven JEFFREY (TIVERTON) 25TH MAY 2012

Hi Jon just wanted to say a big thanks for the great massage last week. I will be returning for another on my next visit down to Devon in July BRIAN (KENT) 19TH MAY 2012


Jon you are, quite simply, the best. I have never had such an erotic massage before GRAHAM (ASHBURTON)  28TH APRIL 2012

Booked a 2 hr deluxe massage with Jon for last Wednesday and after driving from Cheltenham I just hoped it was going to be worthwhile the time and cost. Boy, was I glad I made the trip. Firstly the guy is super sensual and hot! Secondly the place itself is very very atmospheric and makes you feel relaxed and sensual even before the massage begins. And thirdly the massage itself is simply amazing. Jon showered with me, dried my body and then proceeded to massage me with hot scented oils all over. I have never felt so hot and turned on before, and this was the first time I had ever let another man massage me. After I quickly rebooked another session as soon as space was available, and tomorrow I will once again enjoy a deluxe massage from Jon. MMmmmmm ANDY (GLOUCS) 17TH APRIL 2012

I can't believe I have not been to see Jon before today. After messing about with various poor and seedy massages I found his website on the internet and after discussing exactly what I could expect with him, I booked a one and a half hour deluxe massage for this morning. Jon began the massage by showering with me and bathing my body, which was a huge turn on, and then came the actual massage itself, in a room filled with candles and scented incense burning, which was so cool and helped create a nice feeling. The massage was hot, to put it mildly, and I experienced a level of stimulation I had not had before. To sum up, this was a great massage given by a hot guy whose middle name should be sensual!! DEREK (PLYMOUTH) 15TH APRIL 2012

Jon came highly recommended by a friend and he certainly didn't disappoint. From his first touch on my skin with that warm oil I became unbelievably stimulated and after receiving his wonderful body to body tantric I felt like I was in heaven! Such a wonderful massage. Thanks again Jon CHARLES (DEVON) 10TH APRIL 2012

What a terrific massage! Spent 4 days in Torbay over Easter and had 2 hot massages from Jon Kelly. Really hot stuff, great place and brilliant guy! Can't recommend him enough I will certainly be back in July!! FRANCIS (WORCESTER) 9TH APRIL 2012

Great massage Jon! Loved the prostate part and you really know your stuff IAN (EXMOUTH) 9TH APRIL 2012

If you are looking for a top quality sensual massage from another male, who knows exactly how to press all the buttons, then give Jon a call. Probably the best around. I certainly haven't found anyone better and I have been having massage from males for over 7 years in Devon ALAN HOWES (TORQUAY) 9TH APRIL 2012

Has to be the best prostate massage EVER!! I booked in with Jon for a 2 hour deluxe session and opted for the tantric massage including a full prostate massage. Was I glad that I did as this was  truly unbelievable and I experienced feelings of warm pleasure I never dreamed of BARRY (HONITON) 9TH APRIL 2012

Read about this massage and have now experienced it. I am coming back for more as soon as I have saved my pennies! Never felt so good before DAVID BLACKETT (EXETER) 7TH APRIL 2012 

Erotic and very very stimulating. I am definately hooked on this tantric stuff! CHARLES (PLYMOUTH) 6TH APRIL 2012

Hottest massage I have had from another male. Beautiful sensual surroundings, incense and candles and a brilliant naked masseur giving me the most wonderful erotic massage. It doesnt get any better than this! ANDY (TORQUAY) 6TH APRIL 2012

What a great experience. You promised relaxation and stimulation and that was just the start! I absolutely adored your massage and cannot wait for a repeat. I will certainly be rebooking for my next appointment. TONY (NEWTON ABBOT) 5TH APRIL 2012

You came highly recommended and boy, you didnt disappoint. I have never felt so sensual and stimulated before. My whole body seemed to tingle as you worked your magic on me. Great. Brilliant. Will be back! JONATHAN (DARTMOUTH) 4TH APRIL 2012

Just wanted to say a big thanks for such a stimulating massage you gave me last Monday. It took all the pressure from me and allowed me to totally relax and enjoy the erotic pleasures you gave me. Once again, thanks! STEPHEN G (TORQUAY) 3RD APRIL 2012

Thanks for a fantastic erotic massage Jon. I came looking for a sensual and sophisticated massage, not a seedy massage, and you delivered just the exact massage I wanted. As well as being very sensual yourself, you have wonderful fingers and hands that are so good! PHILIP (TOTNES) 2ND APRIL 2012

Okay, this man is really good JIM (BATH) 1ST APRIL 2012

After realising that Jon also gives tantric massage to females, I booked my wife in for her birthday present and she says she had the most unbelievable experience ever! All I know is that since the massage, which was last Monday, she has been so sexual towards me it is untrue. Jon seems to have triggered a sexual part of her even she didnt know existed. So, guys, get your other half booked in and then you can reap the benefits exactly the same as I am all right now! ROB BURTON(EXETER) 30TH MARCH 2012

WOW! Excellent massage and really hot!! I will cerainly be back for more DAVID (TRURO) 27TH MARCH 2012

Deluxe. Just go for it! BEN (TOTNES) 26TH MARCH 2012

Just amazing feeling with this massage. Mystical and powerful. Very good experience HANK (PLYMOUTH) 25TH MARCH 2012

After booking my massage I felt very nervous but after the massage I looked back and realised there was nothing to be nervous about. Jon is a perfect masseur and I can see why it is so difficult to get a booking with him WAYNE (TORQUAY) 24TH MARCH 2012

Great massage. Thanks Jon ALAN (PAIGNTON) 22 MARCH 2012

Have had sensual massage from Jon for almost 3 years now and still find it absolutely brilliant. Go for the deluxe massage for the most sensual one DARREN (TOTNES) 21ST MARCH 2012

Have had massages from several male therapists in my time but none come near Jon for the quality he brings to the massage table. Highly recommended FRANK (ASHBURTON) 19TH MARCH 2012

Really hot massage from a very hot guy. Jon knows how to make a man feel really special and his hands can make you feel out of this world STEPHEN H (BABBACOMBE) 17TH MARCH 2012

Booked a 2 hour deluxe massage based on the recommendation of a friend and was not disappointed. Jon has a great way of making a client feel really good about himself and the actual massage is superb COREY (PLYMOUTH) 14TH MARCH 2012

Great massage. Really cool guy who certainly knows how to give a great male massage ROB (EXETER) 13TH MARCH 2012

I can recommend this massage really high. If you want to experience the best then book a reciprocal massage where, as well as Jon massaging you, YOU get to massage him as well! Absolute heaven. GARY (TOTNES)  12TH MARCH 2012

I have just had an unbelievable erotic massage from Jon which included my prostrate being massaged. I cannot begin to describe how good this felt. I just didnt want it to stop. This man is SOOOOO GOOOOOD!!!!! I cannot wait to have another massage from him, which is next week! ADAM (NEWTON ABBOT) 10 MARCH 2012


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