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A sensual massage at Devon Massage for Men is a beautiful and highly erotic experience that everyone can enjoy, be they male or female. Performed in professional studios in a warm and sensual atmosphere of scented candles, soft relaxing music and burning incense, we combine specific breathing techniques and sensual touch in order to build sexual energy witin the body.

Our sensual massage is a full body massage in which every part of the body is massaged, including the genitals. As such, and with the emphasis on releasing stress, intensifying the senses and removing all inhibitions from the client during the massage, both client and therapist are naked.

During our sensual massage a client will often become aroused, which is quite normal as the massage is about relaxation and pleasure and creating a bond of sensuality between the client and the therapist. This will often lead to a beautiful and powerful orgasm.

Sensual massage is available to anyone, regardless of whether they may be male, female, straight, bicurious, bisexual or gay. As a tantric massage is sensual and there is nothing suggested nor implied that anything of a sexual nature will take place, then a client's sexual preferences are irrelevant.


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